Local Cravings – Honolulu, HI

Yes, my cravings got the best of me and I went to Local Cravings again! Please click this to access my first blog post on their poke bowl. This time, I wanted to try their 2 choice bowl so I went with a lau lau and spicy ahi bowl. It was awesome. Here are some pictures!

140418-01Two Choice Bowl ($11.49) – I was wondering how they would fit both into one bowl. They pack the poke separately! Yes!

140418-02This is how I like my lau lau, peeled and ready to eat…I love luau leaves.

140418-03Quick shot of the lau lau inside, mmm…makes me want to pay them a visit again!

Zippy’s Lau Lau

Quick update today. Just wanted to share a plate lunch I got from Zippy’s, they usually serve Hawaiian plates on Fridays. I was pleasantly surprised! It was ono! When I was a kid, I used to always think Zippy’s was such a rip-off. That’s probably because I had less money too…lol. Now while I don’t dine at Zippy’s a lot, I appreciate them being around and serving up consistently good comfort food.


140226-02I love luau leaves. Delicious.