Thank Q Pocha – Honolulu, HI

I have to apologize for some of these posts, I am posting pictures from meals months ago at times so my details on these meals may be minimal. I preface this post with that because…this is one of those posts. This was my first time trying Thank Q Pocha and I think to rally up business, they started offering half-off menus during the weekdays. This may have changed since then but this is the deal we got! Here are some pictures:

Kimchee Fried Rice with Cheese

If you’ve been following Korean food trends, cheese is huge. It’s pretty cool to see the melted cheese surround the fried rice, it’s a nice way to offset the spiciness of the kimchee fried rice. Do I still make better fried rice? Yes. (hahaha)

Thank Q Bulgogi Plate

I think? Nothing special, it’s just a stirfry.

Kalbi Ssam

It’s the wraps you make when you go eat Korean BBQ, only they do it for you and you don’t have to smell like Korean BBQ smoke after eating this. It was good!

Braised Pork Belly Stew

I think? Lol, sorry for this post…I’m pretty sure this is what it was. Pretty good, I love anything served in a stone pot.

Chicken Wings

Meh – I didn’t eat these. Just wanted to show you how they are served up.

4 responses to “Thank Q Pocha – Honolulu, HI

  1. I love your comments. Crack me up! So now I want to try YOUR fried rice.

    • Jenny

      Hahaha if you ever want to try…they do sell my fried rice at a craft fair…

      • Where? When? I LOVE fried rice – was even going to try Jack in the Box’s fried rice – with portuguese sausage and spam.

        • Jenny

          Hey Aunty! It’s going to be on November 17th at the QLC building lanai from 9:30 – 2! Come check it out! Small fair but get plenty cute vendors…and ono food! Please let me know if you really can make it! And please try the Jack in the Box fried rice so I know if it’s good. 🙂

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