California Pizza Kitchen – Kahala, HI

All locals know how popular CPK is here in Hawaii. Especially the CPK in Kahala Mall. I never understood the fascination because any given night at Kahala Mall, you will see big groups of people outside the restaurant waiting to get in. CPK serves up okay food but it can be hit or miss depending on your server for the day, I am always weary of busy restaurant chains because I feel the staff then doesn’t care to provide good service because they are always going to get customers no matter what.

This particular visit, we were roaming around the mall and decided to go to CPK since we were pretty early. We got a table pretty quickly and it was a pretty good experience! Here are the pics!

Complimentary bread – wish they served up some butter. But good overall!

Spinach and Artichoke Dip – classic dish from CPK. Delicious as always, consistently!

Avocado Club Egg Rolls – once again, another classic appetizer from CPK. It was so good! I love this dish.

Garlic Cream Fettuccine – Okay dish, basic, nothing special.

Fire-grilled Ribeye – ooohhhh, never thought of ordering steak from CPK. Doesn’t it look good?? Definitely not a great quality cut of meat but I wasn’t expecting that since this is not a steakhouse. Still thought it was pretty good! We enjoyed it.


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  1. kobi

    No need apologize. Just love seeing the posts. Missed you while you were busy with your studies. Something to look forward to for the peeps on the mainland.

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