Tsukada Nojo Hawaii – Honolulu, Hawaii

Tsukada Nojo Hawaii is a fairly new Japanese restaurant in Hawaii. I love the atmosphere of this restaurant, the decorations, servers, food, etc! They have a little parking lot in front of their restaurant but it is very small and it is shared with a sushi restaurant! So unless you can make it there right when they open, parking is a bit risky. Another plus to this restaurant? You can make reservation on Open Table! I wish all restaurants were on Open Table.

Miyazaki Mango Mojito • $9.00
Miyazaki Mango, Rum, Club soda, Mint
Known for their year-round season, Miyazaki mangoes are flown in to create this unique mojito with freshly muddled mint, citrus and rum

Yum, I’ve been here twice and got this drink both times. It’s delicious and refreshing, I just wish the drink was bigger.

Nikumaki Rice Ball • $3.50
miyazaki region’s comfort food: a pork belly-wrapped rice ball in sweet soy ginger sauce, served on green leaf lettuce, served with teriyaki sauce

Okay, we got this dish both times we came here. The first time the rice balls tasted good, the second time, not so much. The meat wrapped around the rice was too tough and the sauce was too salty.

Grilled Skillet Egg • $6.00
plain omelet

Okay this sounds silly but I LOVE THIS DISH. Why is it called a skillet egg? It actually come out in a cast iron skillet and they flip it onto the plate at your table. The egg is soft…souffle-ish and is seasoned like a dashi tamago. The first time we went, we bought two. This time we could only eat one, would have ordered two if we could.

Bijin Nabe • $40.00
chicken-based collagen soup with zucchini, watermelon radish, tofu, romaine lettuce, chinese cabbage, enoki mushroom, abura-age, green onion, watercress, and tsukune meatball

Doesn’t that look…delicious? Haha, I didn’t know what to expect when this was set at our table. But when it boils down, it is a collagen-rich yet light broth.

The bijin pot comes with some chicken tsukune. We ordered kurobuta pork belly as an add-on for our pot. This was delicious! And like other nabes, you can get rice or noodles to finish off your broth. We went with ramen, it was delicious but we were much too full to eat it all. They have such wonderful dining utensils/plates, I think it’s the little details that count and they think of it! I hope you folks get to try this place out!

7 responses to “Tsukada Nojo Hawaii – Honolulu, Hawaii

  1. jalna

    That Nabe!! WOW!!

  2. Looks good but too rich for my wallet.

    I love cheap eats.

  3. Li

    Hi, just found your blog when googling Soko Ga Shirttail rice ball shop episode. So somewhere in your blog it mentions the episode w/ the family musubi shop. Can you tell what the name is? Definitely no episodes called “musubi shop” or nigiri shop. Thanks.
    P.s. what ever happened to the Foodjimoto blogger?

    • Jenny

      Oh gosh, I don’t recall talking about Soko Ga Shiritai and a family musubi shop. I remember talking about Kitchen Carrot and Soko Ga Shiritai and as far as I know, the restaurant is still open and I wish I could go visit it! I hope you find the episode you’re looking for…

      And I miss Foodjimoto oh so much…I bet she got tied up helping to care for her grandkids. She always had such great posts, if she could update once in a while, that would be great…but blogging can be time consuming…

  4. Li

    Unbelievable, spell check or something replaced Shiritai w/ Shirttail?

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