Wakuda – Las Vegas, Nevada

Another night of gluttony and alcohol. Okay just gluttony for me! Tonight is Wakuda and the cuisine is fancy Japanese food, they are located at the Palazzo Lobby at The Venetian Resort!

Big Eye Tuna Sashimi Toast | $30.00
toasted bread, wasabi butter, shallots, avruga caviar

Great start to the meal! Can’t go wrong with tuna and caviar and butter and shallots…I mean come on!

King Salmon Nigiri | $13.00 (per piece, 2 pc minimum)

Good but expected, nothing special you know?

Tobanyaki Japanese Scallops | $30.00
garlic yuzu butter, japanese mushrooms

Oh yum, this was so good. The scallops were cooked perfect, so nice and tender. Give me a bowl of rice so I can pour this over…mm…

New Zealand Lamb | $55.00
mustard miso

Lamb lamb lamb! I love char-grilled lamb. They served these little red berries with the lamb. Gosh, we asked the waiter what they were and he told us and I forgot already! You’re supposed to eat the berry after the lamb to cleanse your pallet. They look like peppers but is more like…a crunchy tomato texture!

Grilled Octopus | $30.00
spicy sudachi vinaigrette, kabocha miso puree, squid ink tapioca cracker, seaweed, radish

Fancy looking dish! I did try a piece of octopus but I think I was too into the other dishes to truly savor this dish. Chan and Bryson enjoyed it!

Seabass Miso | $65.00
patagonian toothfish marinatede in original saikyo miso from kyoto

Yikes, a bit pricey. I just noticed! But was it good? Yes. I don’t know if you can tell but it was a pretty big piece of fish and it was cooked to perfection. Moist and it flaked beautifully.

Foie Gras | $45.00
cassis, sudachi puree

Very interesting dish! The purees help cut into the richeness of the foie gras. Yum!

Otoro / Supreme-Fat Tuna Belly | $28.00 (per piece, 2 pc minimum)

Meh. I’ve had better otoro elsewhere, I don’t think this was worth it.

Wagyu Gyoza | $35.00
spicy ponzu sauce

Wagyu gyoza! Okay sorry, it was good but I don’t think it was worth it. When something is made into gyoza filling, I don’t feel like super high quality meat should be used, you know? No can tell it was wagyu. Delicious but not worth it.

Nope, I didn’t double post the same picture. We got this dish twice and I ate two pieces from this order lol. I love lamb. It was so good!!

WAKUDA’s House Special | $14.00
soft-serve miso ice cream

Fancy yeah with the gold? I’m not a big fan of vanilla ice cream but I had to try their take on miso ice cream! It’s actually very good, a nice blend of miso and vanilla. If you enjoy a nice vanilla ice cream, get this!

Kakigori with Candy Floss | $25.00
kanazawa shaved ice, seasoned fruit puree, seasonal sorbet, milk syrup, citrus & berries

What a sight! Look at this cotton candy cloud on top of the shave ice. And the ice was supposedly from Japan? Ho da fancy! It was delicious too. I really enjoyed this dessert!!

8 responses to “Wakuda – Las Vegas, Nevada

  1. And was it packed with people? Rich people? I would want the scallops and lamb to go. Sushi was too over my budget. I am happy with Kozo.

  2. vickinags

    everything looks sooooo ono, except I would pass on the foie gras and otoro, IYKYK, hahaha.
    Makes me want to go to Las Vegas.

  3. kat

    wow the miso fish was more than foie gras! everything looked great

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