Win-Spuntino – Kaimuki, HI

I’m still around! I think it’s time for a little break so I can focus on staying alive…lol. Last week was another whopper but I got through it, yay! Once this semester is over, I will go back to regular blogging again. I don’t know if I can take two classes in the same semester again. Or if I do, I should do it in Spring semester rather than Fall. I hope you are all doing great! I’ll do quick updates here and there as I can.

Here is one of them! A recent lunch I had from Win-Spuntino. Still a good deal but this dish is still way too rich. There’s a lot of oil so I spent my time trying to eat it…while also draining it. The amount of garlic is awesome and I love garlic. They usually serve their dishes with linguine which is what I prefer but this is the second time they ran out of linguine. I don’t get how – it’s their primary noodle and I was one of the first customers of the day.


141013-02Shrimp Scampi – $11.25


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  1. jalna

    OMG, that looks wonderful. Shrimp Scampi used to be my favorite back in the day, but I don’t think I can handle the richness anymore. I feel acid refluxy and gassy just by looking at your picture.

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