Yajima-Ya – Honolulu, HI

I ran an errand in Ala Moana recently and finally got to try Yajima-Ya¬†food truck! I was very curious about where this place was and if it was on the same lot as the Yajima service station. I also wonder if it’s affiliated with the actual service station or if it’s just taking advantage of the name recognition? Well I found the truck and it’s located in the back behind Hinone Mizunone in it’s own little lot. It shares a lot with another food truck, there are about three parking stalls fronting the trucks as well. I had the pleasure of struggling to back out of the lot into the busy two lane road and realize I was gassing it with my brake on. Good job Jenny. Anyhoo! I came here to try their food and had to try their signature, Mushroom Chicken! Check it out!

140314-01Yajima-Ya Menu as of February 2014

140314-02Here is the mushroom chicken on a bed of rice, spinach salad and a potato salad

140314-03Close-up of the chicken – nice and tender pieces of chicken

140314-04The glorious mushroom gravy slathered on. Look at the huge chunks of mushrooms. Thank you for using fresh mushrooms! The details as I say, always count. Super nice Japanese man runs the line – they pack up the gravy in its own container separate from the plate. No leaky plate! So what did I think? I thought it was good! A little salty since the chicken tasted seasoned and the gravy is of course salty so maybe you could use some of the gravy first and adjust according to taste. Give them a try!

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