Yakitori Glad – Kaimuki, HI

I love me some good yakiniku. The izakaya style shops that we have in Hawaii are all great! Yakitori Glad opened about 2 years ago and I have heard nothing but great reviews. On a whim, Kristian and I decided to give this place a try without a reservation. First of all, you should make reservations because this place is busy! They were able to squeeze us in because we were a table of 2 and were able to get out before 7pm. Yay! I think the biggest draw for this place is that everything is priced at $3.90. It was kind of funny to see the different cup sizes of the same beer for the same price. The Chinese in me says always buy the biggest size but I know not everyone does. The McDonald’s here in Hawaii sells all their soda sizes for $1 but I try to keep it to the medium size to make myself feel better. 😛 Enough talking, let’s get to the food!!

140216-14Store Front – busy busy busy! The staff are all so awesome though, super nice folks.

140216-01Special menu on the wall. Super cute!


140216-03Mo-mo Spicy Teriyaki – very good. Nice and moist and the sauce was delicious, not too spicy!

140216-04Buta Bara – one of our favorite dishes of the night. Nicely seasoned and grilled pork. In fact, we ordered one more of this because it was so good!

140216-05Tsukune Cheese – Chicken meatball with melted cheese on top. It was pretty good but I can’t help to compare this to Kohnotori. I don’t remember Kohnotori having a chicken meatball with cheese but their chicken meatball (tsukune) is the best!

140216-06Gyu Kushi – grilled meat. Least favorite of the night, dry and a bit rough. I wouldn’t recommend this one.


140216-08Kawa Suage – Chicken Skin!! I thought it was okay but it wasn’t seasoned enough. Kohnotori definitely wins in the Chicken Skin category. It’s just too bad they are out of it so often.


140216-10Tebasaki-shio – Barbeque chicken wings. It was okay, but nothing memorable.

140216-11Ebi Karaage – one of the specials on the wall! Soft shell shrimp fried up karaage style. It was SO good. And yes, the shell/head/tail were all edible!


140216-13Momo Glad-yaki – this is one of the highlighted dishes on the menu. It was pretty good! Good portions!

How was our experience? Great! I would definitely recommend this place to others! They do have a small parking lot in the back but it is pretty messy to park in. The lot is small and tight. Even with my corolla…I was like…wow how can a bigger car park well in this lot? They have the open lot in back along with a really small parking garage…I didn’t even try to go in the garage. Give them a try! Kristian, feel free to add your comments…it’s been a few weeks!

2 responses to “Yakitori Glad – Kaimuki, HI

  1. jalna

    Great review!!! I’ve never been there, but now I really wanna try it out . . . especially after reading the owner’s story about his dream of living in Hawaii and how it almost never came to be because of his bout with cancer. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. kristian

    we had less than an hour to eat and we enjoyed the food and service although we couldn’t take our time. i’m still a little bit sad/mad they didn’t say bye to me. hahaha. it’s a good thing we had some sauces from our other dishes that we could dip the chicken skin with. you already said everything i would have said so i don’t know what else to add. haha we just need to go there again…get a pitcher of beer…under a reservation. comparing glad to khonotori, i would give glad the edge overall. their service is just way better. food quality i would give glad a slight edge.

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