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When Your Kitchen first opened, I remember cracking a few jokes with coworkers.  I’d offer up to pick up lunch and when they asked where, I’d say Your Kitchen and watch them get confused.  I’m just a ball of fun at work, 😛  Anyhow!  I’ve always enjoyed this restaurant, it’s run by a super cute Japanese couple.  It’s a very small space and it’s all street parking but I still like to come here from time to time to pick up some food or just grab their awesome shave ice.  I go for the premium flavors, the homemade syrup.  It’s heavenly – and I go for a matching scoop of ice cream as well.  Anyhow, I wanted to share a quick update of a lunch I had recently.  It is their pork bowl with a tonkatsu egg…I just love how the egg yolk is still runny inside – can’t be beat!

Presentation is key

Presentation is key

I'm a sucker for a well cooked egg

I’m a sucker for a well cooked egg

Your Kitchen is also the first place I discovered Udon Salad and what I used as inspiration to create my udon salad!  You can find my recipe here.

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