Angelo Pietro – Honolulu, HI

I had a hankering for some fusion pasta this week so you know where you gotta go, Angelo Pietro! I made my reservation pretty early in the week and then realized it was on the Saturday of graduation weekend. Good thing I made it early, I think they were pretty booked solid that night. I don’t come here often but boy was service…fast. I don’t mean that in a good way this time. The waiter couldn’t be bothered with us (it was only two of us). They have a happy hour special from 4-6pm for their appetizers, $6! The way it’s listed on the menu, it says, “Raw Potato Salad, Mozzarella Sticks, Calamari Rings” – all in a single line! Makes it look like you get all three. No, it’s $6 each. This is on their temporary paper menu, I think the way they show it on their regular menu is much more clear. Anyway, when I tried to order it (the number 6), the waiter cuts me off and says they don’t have that. Umm…I’m pointing at the menu and look perplexed. He sees what I’m pointing at and says oh, okay yes we have that. Okay like, guys, no other menu items have numbers on it so I don’t know what they don’t have.

Anyway, we got the raw potato salad within 5 minutes of ordering. The pastas we ordered came out 5 minutes after that. We literally got all our food 10 minutes after sitting. Fast is usually good but this was a bit too fast…we barely even ate our salad. Anyway, our waiter was kind of curt in his responses which did not make me want to stay anyway. So how was the food?

Raw Potato Salad | $6.00 (HH Price), $8.95 (Regular)

We picked sesame miso as the dressing. It was very hard to mix the oil into the dressing in those small little containers. I think I should have ordered something fried like the calamari (always with the regrets)

Takana & Bacon Pasta | $17.95
pickled mustard cabbage and bacon in a shoyu sauce topped with nori

Not my dish but I was intrigued by this dish too since I really like pickled mustard cabbage. Not that this dish was junk but it just wasn’t what was expected. The diner expected more of a sweet and sour taste to the takana but it didn’t offer that. The bacon is also not cooked crispy so that was a lowlight in the dish too.

Pork Eryngii Spicy Cream Sauce | $19.95
eryngii mushroom, onions and spicy pork in a garlic cream sauce topped with fried onions & garlic chips

This is my go to past dish here. It’s really good and is actually kind of spicy so that’s my warning to you. It was good! I always enjoy it and it certainly hit the spot for me. Is it worth $20…hard for me to say. Since it’s so delicious and the portion is good, I would say yes!

8 responses to “Angelo Pietro – Honolulu, HI

  1. kat

    ah pickled takana in japan is usually more salty than sweet sour like sin choi….pietro was disappearing here, glad you still have one there:)

    • Jenny

      Ahhhh that’s good to know. Yes, we must just prefer sin choi! Yes, we cannot be without their food or their dressings!!!

  2. Arlene

    I’m so glad you did this post because I always get the same thing (carbonara) and wanted to try something new. Now I can try the pork eryngii pasta per your recommendation. I think the service has always been kinda inconsistent there & they they do hustle to turn over tables by rushing out the food, but they aren’t as bad as some places, lol. Sorry, just gonna eat at my own pace & enjoy my meal…

    • Jenny

      Ah Arlene! This is why I gotta make posts like this! Please let me know if you do try this dish and let me know what you think! I think you would enjoy, it’s my favorite dish! I would definitely say if you want to be in and out of a restaurant within an hour, this is the perfect restaurant for it lol. He never was pushing us out so we just took our time too…still got out before the sunset…lol!

  3. I order the pork eryngii pasta because it has mushrooms. I love mushrooms so if they don’t have the mushroom pasta, I order this pork dish. Very delish. And they have that punch card that I always forget to bring.

    Too bad about the service. They must be underpaid.

    • Jenny

      Ha! Me too! I forget all my punch cards all the time all over so I have all these one stamp cards.

      I still gave him decent tip, could see he was hustling!

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