Mixed Plate Friday

You folks ever been to Superb Sushi? Little take-out sushi joint on North King Street. Love their poke bowls and sushi offerings, they’ve adjusted to the pandemic and basically offer a take-out window where their door used to be so you don’t have to go inside…which is good because inside is basically their kitchen (lol). Here’s what we got on a recent trip.

Poke Shell (6 pcs) | $10.00

I think if you saw this on the menu, you would wonder what the heck is that? Thank god for Yelp – it’s spicy tuna cone sushi. Love the tempura crispies and fresh green onions on top. It’s a great dish, go for em!

Futomaki Unagi (8 pcs) | $7.00

Sorry, I ate a piece before I took the picture cause I was just HANGRY. I love their futomaki, it’s a dollar less if you get the oshinko (verus unagi). I felt like being high class so I went for the unagi, get so much things in the roll that it’s not like the unagi is super notice-able. No regrets and tasted great.

What do we have next? A visit to Gulick Delicatessen again. Nothing like going up to the front counter ready to order a single plate for lunch…and going a little too crazy that the lady has to bust out another box to fit all the food. Great job Jenny. Don’t order while hungry. No worries, I didn’t eat this all for one meal (but did all in one day, sue me).

I know, I know. That’s a lot of food. I’m so dumb.

From top left: Garlic Chicken ($3.60), Konbu Maki ($3.05), Egg ($2.65), Chow Mein ($2.95)

The garlic chicken is better than I expected, I never ordered before! Good! Konbu maki is good but expensive. The egg is good! I liked that it was savory and not sweet and people might not like this but I liked that the egg was small kine runny still so it was not at all dry, chow mein also better than I expected!

Tuna Musubi ($2.75) and Spam Musubi ($1.99)

I get these two all the time so it’s good. Why don’t I just make my own yeah? Ehh…I guess we can say that about a lot of things.

10 responses to “Mixed Plate Friday

  1. vickinags

    Superb Sushi’s poke bowl is so good. I love the seasoned rice. You not going to believe this but since I’m not a poke person, I buy one of the combo bowls, like taco poke or california roll and give almost all the ahi poke to someone else, except for 2 or 3 pieces. I like their poke but that’s all I can handle. LOL.
    And Gulicks! You should try making the tuna takuan in that tik tok style!
    I think I’ll get lunch from there today because your fault, but I like the sweet sour spareribs, pork and long beans and pork and eggplant!

    • Jenny

      Oh my gosh, why don’t you like poke?? Or do you not like raw fish in general? Can I have your leftover poke? Hahaha

      Too funny you went Gulick too, I should get a commission from them!

  2. kat

    yet another place to try if and when I get back to hawaii

  3. jalna

    Ho, I think I’ll go check out Gulick’s next time I’m in that area!

  4. I think Superb Sushi has the best poke bowl. So fresh and perfect taste.

    When we first got married, we lived on Gulick Avenue – 2 doors down from Gulick Deli. I loved their konbu maki – was HUGE! and only one dollah before. Food was cheap until it wasn’t. Also had Tasty Chop Suey on one end of Gulick and Lung Fung at the other end. Food heaven.

    • Jenny

      Oh man you folks making me wanna go and get more sushi!

      Oh my gosh, that street was loaded before! Lung Fung, same owner as the one that was in niu valley?

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