Bikkuri Donkey – Osaka, Japan

When my friend and I visited in 2022 and stayed in Osaka, we really enjoyed Bikkuri Donkey. It’s a silly name and really more of a family restaurant vibe (imagine Japan Denny’s but specializing in Hamburger Steak). This is a perfect place for tourists because it’s just all kine burgers and fried foods. Anyway, we ate there twice in about as many days but always in the Dotonbori location. Chan had quite a laugh at the name of the restaurant and we would toss around jokes leading up to the trip but you know…that I had to make a return visit. So we did! Visited the Umeda location this time, same good food. They do have an English menu, just gotta ask!

Zangi & Potato | ¥620

Appetizer! I don’t know why it’s called zangi, just wanted some fries and chicken karaage, was good!

Black Demiburg Dish (300g) | ¥1,610

I’m trying to find the exact item names and prices for you folks – I think Chan must have added an egg to this dish so I’m sure it cost a bit extra. He enjoyed the dish!

Egg Curry Burger Dish (300g) | ¥1,610

My dish. I’ve been getting this since the beginning of my visits and I love it. Something about it works and I’ll continue to get this dish, thank you!

8 responses to “Bikkuri Donkey – Osaka, Japan

  1. vickinags

    Looks ono! I just looked to see if they have locations in Tokyo and they do!
    ah, but if I have time in Okayama, I might just go over to Osaka to check it out. Maybe

  2. kat

    if my memory serves me, “zangi” is what people in hokkaido call their karaage

  3. You have made me hungry for hamburger curry. What a great combo! Next stop – Curry House curry and a fried up hamburger patty at home!

  4. kristian

    ooooohhh the memories. hahahaha gotta make sure to eat there again the next time i go!

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