Mixed Plate Japan

Check out this line for Panda Express. I couldn’t believe it! And you know, I don’t think it was just tourists, had plenty locals too! Maybe they enjoy American fare? Because we know this is not real Chinese food!

For some odd reason, I had such a craving for a crepe in Japan! Well, where else better right? Was happy to find Marion’s Crepes in Ikebukuro! It really hit the spot, yum!

Look at this shower in the Hilton Osaka. Click on it to make it bigger. Do you see anything wrong with this picture? And no, there is no optional shower curtain on the other side. So here I was crouching within this small area to shower because I really did not want to get the entire bathroom wet. I mean what?? What kine design is this? If I was missing something, please let me know. If not, awful design!!!!

8 responses to “Mixed Plate Japan

  1. vickinags

    was there a drain on the bathroom floor? some places are designed to be like a furo so you can wash and rinse off out of the tub then fill and soak. But, this really doesn’t look like it. LOL

  2. jalna

    I can’t figure out that shower either.

  3. LOL. Maybe they forgot to put back the shower curtain.

  4. kat

    interesting shower 🙂 kinda reminds me of the time we couldn’t figure how to switch the glass to “white” so others in the room can’t see you while showering

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