Bikkuri Donkey – Osaka, Japan

My stay in Osaka wasn’t long. I ate here twice for a short trip. Why? Well, Bikkuri Donkey was convenient to get to, easy to order at and the food was just good ‘ole comfort food. Sometimes, that’s all I need you know? They are known for their hamburger steaks which I enjoyed!

Hamburger Steak Topped with Egg and Curry Sauce (300g) | ¥1,330
served with rice & salad

My dish, so nice and comforting. It comes with a spicy curry, didn’t taste spicy to me. I liked this dish so much that I ordered it twice in a row. And yup, if I went back to Osaka – I would come back to this restaurant again!

Hamburger Steak Topped with Egg (300g) | ¥1,330
served with rice & salad

French Fries | ¥440

Thick cut fries are good, what can I say??

Spaghetti with Meat Sauce | ¥765

They have this dish in the snack section of their menu, lol? My friend ordered this dish, I can’t comment much on it. I think it was just basic.

コロコロステーキ | ¥1,400

Can you tell the steak not good already? Looks overcooked to me. I wouldn’t order this myself, my friend ate it but I don’t think he liked it much.

Chicken Karaage with Fries | ¥600

I know, fries again. Leave us alone!

Bacon and Whole Potato Mini Salad | ¥250

I got this as a side because it looked good and sounded good. We had too much food. I couldn’t eat this and it wasn’t that good. Because the potatoes are whole…there isn’t enough seasoning. I wouldn’t recommend.

6 responses to “Bikkuri Donkey – Osaka, Japan

  1. vickinags

    Ahaha, that potato salad! Sugoi!
    Jeez, I was going to take a day trip to Kyoto when I go to Japan, but this looks interesting, especially the curry hamburger. Looks heavy, though/

    • Jenny

      Oooh I think this restaurant get choke locations all around Japan! Hahaha I don’t know what to say about you saying it looks heavy cause I ate it all…TWICE

  2. I have to stay away from Japan. All I would be doing is eating and shopping. And then shopping and eating. Dangerous for me!

  3. kat

    whole potato “salad”…hmm

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