Jagalchi – Ala Moana, HI

Vicki, this post is for you. Well it’s for everyone but especially for Vicki. I got to check out the new Jagalchi last weekend and well, it’s nothing like the old one. Starting from the complete renovation to the complete menu rehaul. Same name, completely different restaurant. In fact, I don’t think the Yelp page should be featuring both restaurants you know? It’s not the same at all!

This restaurant is going to be known for their great seafood, I was told that they get their fresh fish straight from Korea. Wowow, so how was the food? Let’s take a look!

Sashimi Salad (free!)

Since they are new, I think they are letting customers taste different dishes! This dish included the fresh fish flown in from Korea. Oh it was delicious. We mixed it together and let the cabbage marinate a bit in the sauce…the fish was great quality and the crunchy veggies were perfect.

Banchan | cabbage salad and japchae

Both were great! I really enjoyed the japchae! Perfectly cooked and seasoned. The noodles were nice and chewy and I loved that it had a strong black pepper taste. Yum!

Half Jokbal (pig’s feet) | $28.00

Vicki – they have bossam here! But I had bossam the other day and reacted poorly to the raw oysters so I didn’t want to risk it this night. The jokbal was good…I even ate the raw veggies! I definitely want to try the bossam next time though!

Haemulpajun (Seafood Pancake) | $25.00

Oh man, this might be the winning dish of the night. Fresh off the heat, nice and crispy – nicely fried and seasoned great. We ate it up lol.

Pork Kimchi Soondubu | $18.00

Yes, the pictures are a bit pink in hue but this soup really was this red in person. Whew. Was it spicy? Small kine. I tell you what, had plenty MSG. Haha we were thirsty all night but that means it tasted great! Can’t wait to try their other soups and stews.

All in all, it was a great experience! Great service and great food. I would definitely return. The only sad thing was that they are currently only open for dinner, wish I could try this place with co-workers. Give them a try!

6 responses to “Jagalchi – Ala Moana, HI

  1. vikckinags

    Thank you!!! I kept checking to see if they were opened for lunch or earlier but not yet. Glad to hear the bossam and jokbal are on the menu but I need to pick up my pupus by 3 pm! I wonder if they;ll keep overnight?

    I did hear good reviews, and agree, they need to clean up yelp and distinguish the 2.

    • Jenny

      You’re welcome! Still only dinner time but would be nice if it was open earlier. Hopefully they do that soon! Let me know if you try them and if they keep well! I really do want to try the bossam!!!

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