Bills Hawaii – Waikiki, HI

On a nice Sunday morning, I got to try Bills Hawaii for a brunch before a movie. It was a great day! I’m not generally a big brunch person but was curious to try this place. This restaurant originates in Australia and I’m pretty sure it was named Bills Sydney when it first opened here in Hawaii but then changed to Bills Hawaii. The restaurant is open air and has a very casual beachy feel which is perfect for tourists. Let’s get to the food!

Two lattes up! I wish I had the heart design. Is there even a design on my drink? Haha, the coffee was good.

French Toast, fruit, caramel, pistachios, and yoghurt – $15

$15!!! Well this toast was just alright…not a huge fan of the sour yogurt and the bread was a bit dry. I would not recommend this dish…

full aussie – scrambled waimanalo eggs, sourdough toast, cumin roast tomato, bacon, miso mushrooms, pork and fennel sausage – $22.00

$22! Hahaha sorry to exclaim the price for each dish. I wanted to try it just to see what a full aussie breakfast is like. Not impressed. For the prices we paid, I don’t think it was worth it. Parking is across the street and with validation, it’s still $7! Oh man, I can’t recommend this restaurant unless you have some cash to burn and want to enjoy a nice environment and mediocre food.

4 responses to “Bills Hawaii – Waikiki, HI

  1. Arlene

    I was trying to think of decent places to eat in Waikiki that are worth the money they charge. Sadly, I only came up with two places. The first place is Mahina and Suns for breakfast. The second was Aloha Gas Station’s chicken… Nah, just kidding, there are more places, I just have to think harder…

    • Jenny

      Hey Arlene! Agreed, well I don’t know about the gas station, lol. But I have not tried Mahina and Suns! I would like to know that you’ve mentioned it. Sometimes I get a hankering for cheesecake factory…marukame udon is great but that’s in downtown so I don’t have to go to Waikiki. Not much else I can think of….

  2. jalna

    Wow, da expensive!!

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