Sushi Izakaya Shinn – Honolulu, HI

Have I come to Sushi Izakaya Shinn a few times? Yes. Do I feel like I enjoyed each time? Debatable. Maybe I felt like I had to give them a chance? The hostess is an unfriendly woman and to me that makes a huge difference in your experience. They are on open table so you can make reservations before going. One visit, we were checking their reservations and it was open and clear all night. We walk in and inquire for a seat, the restaurant is not full by the way and she informs us coldly that there were no open seats. If she apologetically informed us of this, I think I would not have left with such a sour taste in my mouth. The thing is, the staff once you get seated are great. I’ve had good experiences with the grill master and the wait staff, it’s just the host staff that ruins everything. I refuse to go unless I put a reservation in through Open Table. Also, the parking is horrendous. They share a small lot with Mini Garden and this other shop in the back…not sure what the back lot is…not a place I would go. It’s hard to get parking so good luck with street parking.

Okay I did a lot of smack talking, let me share the meal I had there last.

Fresh Oysters – delicious but pricey. We were in the mood for oysters so it was really nice. Do you folks know of any all you can eat oyster places? That would be heaven.

Fire Cracker Roll (Go to the Hell) – that’s the exact title. It didn’t wow me but it was okay.

Enoki Bacon (top) and Chicken Meatball – well the enoki looks pretty burnt. Gosh, I can’t even remember this meal…

Chicken Skin and Beef Tongue

Totally my own guilty pleasure. Grilled chicken skin? YES. It was good, sorry not sorry. Their beef tongue, my favorite here. I like that they slice the tongue so thick. Some places slices beef tongue so thin…this place makes it perfect. I really enjoyed the tongue.

Mochi Bacon and Chicken and Leek

I mainly wanted to try the bacon wrapped mochi. It was a nice bit of the soft mochi with the smoky bacon. I was glad to try it but probably wouldn’t order it again.

Grilled Lamb ChopĀ 

It was good, but once again, not memorable.

Miso Ramen – lol, okay I think this wasn’t half bad. Definitely better than Ramen Nakamura. This restaurant really serves everything. Sushi, Robata, Noodles, and Oden! I didn’t get to try the oden but if you’re into oden, they serve it up!

Mizu Shingen Mochi with Green Tea Ice Cream

This is mizu shingen mochi right? I think it’s better at Tsukuneya…

4 responses to “Sushi Izakaya Shinn – Honolulu, HI

  1. jalna

    Love your photos. Everything looks good. I was surprised to see the ramen at the end!

  2. I went there with family – it was hit or miss with the selections and the bill was quite humongous for a person like me who likes good cheap ono eats.

    We were lucky since the hostess was young and cute, and very nice. The wait staff was really nice too. Had to tip big, so the bill was even more humongous.

    Funny how I forgot what we ordered. It wasn’t memorable so won’t be back.

    • Jenny

      Yes, the bill can really add up! I don’t even drink and the bill adds up. Glad you had good service but totally right Aunty, not memorable so not worth it in my opinion.

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