First Birthday Party

I went to a First Birthday Party this past weekend at Willows and it was wonderful!  I wanted to share some awesome pictures of how the party was set-up.  Mommy put in a lot of work to create a wonderful experience for her son so I wanted to share the results!  My next post will concentrate on the food we had at Willows.  So you are all warned, this post is full of pictures and mostly of decorations.  🙂   Graphic heavy!

131118-01Can you guess what the theme is?  lol…


Dr. Seuss!  I gave her a ribbing when she first told me the theme.  Talk about the hardest theme to shop for!!  But everything came together so well!  Here are the centerpieces.  She hand dipped each pretzel and tied individual tags on each!!

131118-03No reception table needed!  Straight up grinds once you enter…










131118-13Awesome right?  She seriously packed all this herself!  So much dedication…I hope baby Andrew appreciates it when he grows older…

131118-15They had a face painter there, she is very experienced!  She drew this dragon in a matter of seconds, seriously!  She knows that babies won’t sit still at all!  

131118-16Frost your own cupcakes station!  The kids loved it.  🙂

131118-14They also had balloon guys!  I asked them to make a cat in the hat…hat for baby.  They did a great job!  Baby was PISSED.  Hahaha he was crying and trying to pull it off.  





Look all the yummy cupcakes!  The second cupcake are the maple bacon cupcakes.  I know these are pretty trendy but they’re not too bad!  It’s the only one I was able to try…haha

131118-17Last but not least, the cake!  Isn’t that awesome??  Perfect cake to top off the perfect theme!!

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