Fukuya Pt. 2 – Honolulu, HI

Here’s my sequel to my first Fukuya visit. I thought I hadn’t taken a picture! I tend to only go super early in the morning, meaning before 7am so not everything is always ready. No nori chicken in sight! So here is the lackluster encore…

140224-01Clockwise from top left, fried tofu block, shiso musubi, chow fun and fried chicken.

Fried Tofu Block – Flavorless. Only somewhat flavorful where the dressing is. Felt a bit cheated since it’s just a plain raw piece of tofu with some dressing on top.

Shiso Musubi – This is one of their more popular offerings but I wasn’t a fan. I generally like herb0y things but wasn’t a fan of this.

Chow Fun – Not great, not bad. I can’t get into okazuya chow fun.

Fried Chicken – Well it was already cold when I ate it…nothing memorable.


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