Mixed Plate Friday

You folks ever been to Superb Sushi? Little take-out sushi joint on North King Street. Love their poke bowls and sushi offerings, they’ve adjusted to the pandemic and basically offer a take-out window where their door used to be so you don’t have to go inside…which is good because inside is basically their kitchen (lol). Here’s what we got on a recent trip.

Poke Shell (6 pcs) | $10.00

I think if you saw this on the menu, you would wonder what the heck is that? Thank god for Yelp – it’s spicy tuna cone sushi. Love the tempura crispies and fresh green onions on top. It’s a great dish, go for em!

Futomaki Unagi (8 pcs) | $7.00

Sorry, I ate a piece before I took the picture cause I was just HANGRY. I love their futomaki, it’s a dollar less if you get the oshinko (verus unagi). I felt like being high class so I went for the unagi, get so much things in the roll that it’s not like the unagi is super notice-able. No regrets and tasted great.

What do we have next? A visit to Gulick Delicatessen again. Nothing like going up to the front counter ready to order a single plate for lunch…and going a little too crazy that the lady has to bust out another box to fit all the food. Great job Jenny. Don’t order while hungry. No worries, I didn’t eat this all for one meal (but did all in one day, sue me).

I know, I know. That’s a lot of food. I’m so dumb.

From top left: Garlic Chicken ($3.60), Konbu Maki ($3.05), Egg ($2.65), Chow Mein ($2.95)

The garlic chicken is better than I expected, I never ordered before! Good! Konbu maki is good but expensive. The egg is good! I liked that it was savory and not sweet and people might not like this but I liked that the egg was small kine runny still so it was not at all dry, chow mein also better than I expected!

Tuna Musubi ($2.75) and Spam Musubi ($1.99)

I get these two all the time so it’s good. Why don’t I just make my own yeah? Ehh…I guess we can say that about a lot of things.

Mixed Plate Friday

Today’s post forreal going to be one mixed plate. From three different restaurants! Let’s gooooo!

Lamb Biryani (Spicy) | $16.95
traditional aromatic rice tossed with variety of herbs and spices, garnished with nuts

One day, for some odd reason, I got a hankering for Biryani. It’s weird because I have never even had biryani but I must have seen a picture of it online and really wanted to try it. I love me rice dishes and basmati rice is the best. I looked up Indian restaurants on Yelp and found Kamana Kitchen, they are located in Downtown so it’s not the easiest restaurant to dine in…no parking that I can think of. I was able to grab a pick-up buddy and wait curbside. Fair warning, there are a number of homeless around the area too. I’ve had a few occurrences when picking up (yes, I’ve had this dish more than once!).

I love this dish, they ask what spice level you want and I always say spicy. Well, it is SPICY. Do not go for spicy if you no can handle. Nice chunks of lamb in this dish though you can’t tell in the pictures. They give you raw onions, fresh lemon and side of some type of yogurt sauce (helpful for the mouth fire). I’ve also had their samosas and they were good too! Give them a try if you want some Indian food!

Iyasume Pac | $6.48
fried chicken, arabiki pork sausage, teriyaki sapam, egg tamago-yaki

Okay, when did Musubi Cafe Iyasume open up like 10 locations? Granted they are all located within 5 miles of each other, haha…but still good! I headed to the Keeaumoku location after a shopping errand. I hope that price is still correct, I thought it was a pretty good deal! Nice portion, not too much but not too little.

Konbu Maki | $3.05
Hot Dog | $1.80
Tuna Musubi | $2.60
Spam Musubi | $1.99
Chow Fun | $2.85
Side Order Nishime (not shown) | $3.35

Ho brah, now that I type up the prices…am I made of money? I took a trip out to Gulick Delicatessen cause I was hankering for some okazuya. Do you folks remember when they used to be on South King Street? It was so convenient to pick food up before work, I was so sad when they closed down. Their Kalihi location isn’t the easiest place to go, get a few stalls for parking but they are hard to secure. I went super early before work one morning and decided to die of carbo loading. I couldn’t help it. When you’re ordering at the counter, there’s no prices so you just go for it. I found the receipt in my wallet and decided to type it out for you folks. HO THE PRICES. That one konbu maki is 3 bucks! But hey, konbu maki is a pain to make I bet so I think you’re paying for the labor. $1.80 for one hot dog? Come on guys!

Nah nah, it’s okay, to me it was worth it. Their chow fun is really good and I enjoy the spam musubi. It’s not like 7-11 kine spam musubi but I like the plain white rice and unseasoned spam…the side nishime was for another meal. The side order nishime comes one of those poke clear containers (I think a 1 lb container). I like their nishime!

Mitsu-Ken Okazu and Catering – Kalihi, HI

I haven’t been to Mitsu-Ken Okazu and Catering since they were located in their original School Street location. It was a miracle they had so much business in their original location with no parking! I decided to try their new location out last week because I had a hankering for some good ‘ole garlic chicken. Their new location has a lot of parking, much easier to maneuver especially early in the morning. It can be a bit confusing when you get in since there are a lot of folks standing around, head straight to the cashier if you are ready to order. The folks standing around are most likely waiting for their food.

Breakfast Deluxe • $6.75

2 Scoops Fried Rice, 2 Eggs (any style), 2 Strips of Bacon & 3 Pieces of Portuguese Sausage

Great deal! I don’t really like bacon but wanted to get their breakfast so I got the deluxe! I shared the bacon with my coworker and enjoyed the breakfast. I like that you can order your eggs the way you want it, they are pretty quick too! This was ono.

Fried Saimin Bento • $7.50

Fried Saimin, Garlic Chicken, Egg Omelette, Portuguese Sausage & Rice with Furikake

This is a great deal! And this bento has everything I want in a bento! Great fried saimin, portuguese sausage (yes, I got it again!) and of course the garlic chicken! I didn’t get to heat it up for lunch but it still tasted good cold. I love that I can pick up breakfast and lunch before heading into work. Mitsu-ken, once a classic, always a classic!


Fatal Error Fixed!

Gosh you guys. I wanted to update this blog earlier this afternoon but I ran into a mishap! WordPress asked me to do an update which I did…and it cause my whole blog to crash! I’ve spent hours trying to read through support forums and finally was able to fix it for now by replacing one obscure file…it was all too much. I’m just happy I was able to access my blog again to do an update! So last weekend was full-on hibernation mode. I had two final papers due this past week and I am happy to report that I was able to submit both. Thank god. I do plan on taking class again next semester but just one course this time. I’ve got a lot of updating to do! My cousin is back from school again so it has been nice visiting with her. Just a quick update tonight – including another great plate from Toshi’s Delicatessen & Restaurant. If this place ever closes down, I’ll be super sad. They are definitely one of the last old school ones left – they can’t close down ever!

141221-01My view the past few weeks.

141221-02Yes! This is the way to wrap plates!

141221-04I got a bunch on my plate; saba, teri burger, tofu and their famous chow fun.

141221-03The saba is great, great piece of fish. Had bones so if you get it, be careful. They also let you choose which part of the fish you. The tofu is so flavorful, I loved it. The burger patty was a burger patty, what can I say? But it is definitely homemade so that’s a plus.

141221-05Chow fun! I think I’m going to ask for like at least 2 servings next time. I’m a carb-o-holic. Hope you all are doing well!

Fukuya Pt. 2 – Honolulu, HI

Here’s my sequel to my first Fukuya visit. I thought I hadn’t taken a picture! I tend to only go super early in the morning, meaning before 7am so not everything is always ready. No nori chicken in sight! So here is the lackluster encore…

140224-01Clockwise from top left, fried tofu block, shiso musubi, chow fun and fried chicken.

Fried Tofu Block – Flavorless. Only somewhat flavorful where the dressing is. Felt a bit cheated since it’s just a plain raw piece of tofu with some dressing on top.

Shiso Musubi – This is one of their more popular offerings but I wasn’t a fan. I generally like herb0y things but wasn’t a fan of this.

Chow Fun – Not great, not bad. I can’t get into okazuya chow fun.

Fried Chicken – Well it was already cold when I ate it…nothing memorable.


Fukuya – Honolulu, HI

Fukuya doesn’t need an introduction, you should all know about this place! Fukuya is very close to my work place but I haven’t tried it too many times. I decided to drop by one morning to pick up lunch before work. I wasn’t disappointed! I returned once more after this initial visit and had to try the Shiso musubi. For me personally, I thought the shiso musubi was just okay (hides).


From top left, clockwise: Nishime, Fried Chicken, Nori Chicken (I had to add it, they just put it out fresh!) and Chow Fun (can always tell if it’s okazuya chow fun if it’s white)

140217-02Nori chicken innards! Well I got this in the morning and couldn’t resist eating the nori chicken right away since it was fresh. It was great!