Gyotaku Restaurant – Honolulu, HI

I’m rounding up all the food pictures I have in the recent weeks and I have been eating out a LOT. This comes at a bad time because I need to save money. Lots of it! I already have posts queued up for the week! So get ready for a full week of food in your face, although when would you expect any different from my blog right? 🙂 Here’s a recent outing I had at Gyotaku. Just a quick meal and post of the food.

140303-02Ahi Poke Bowl – yummy!

140303-03I got it with with tempura just because – they make a pretty okay tempura.

140303-01Kid’s Karaage Meal – it comes with a drink and a dessert. It also comes with a free toy but the past two times, I’ve had to outright ask for it.  And it’s just a basket of cheap toys from Oriental Trading Company.

I find the service to be lacking this visit. I’ve had ups and downs coming to this restaurant. We were ignored basically all night and our food took a really long time. I was not too happy with this visit. The busboy was good and quick though.

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