Happy Monday!

Can’t think of a better way to start Monday morning than with donuts! I’ve been having a hankering for Krispy Kreme donuts lately. Blame it on the hormones. I even had a chance to grab some last week but resisted but that was mostly because my co-worker talked me away from it (how’s her yeah? J/K.). Anyway, I’ve been seeing these donuts pop up all around Social Media and I just had to try it! They are Floresta Nature Doughnuts and they are sold in the Ranch 99 Food Court. They are actually housed within Kansai Yamato which is a local mochi company. Okay, I can say this because I am Chinese…they get some grumpy Chinese ladies working there. I am actually surprised that this Japanese confectionary has all these Chinese ladies. English is not their first language and customer service is definitely not their priority. It is very true, you can stand around in front of the shop for a while before they acknowledge you. When they do, don’t expect stellar service. If you can get past all that, give their stuff a try. These donuts are PRICEY. At least $2 each, but I keep hearing how they’re better for you…and well it helps that they’re so cute! I don’t quite know the different flavors of these donuts…they are pretty creative. The “ears” on the donuts are actually almonds! I didn’t know the coating of the donuts were HARD, I figured they were some kind of soft frosting. How are they? Well, they taste like healthier donuts. They’re not bad but not great, nothing I would go back for especially for the price. So why don’t we just look at how cute they are…look but no buy (next time anyway).






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