Ono Korean BBQ – Kalihi, HI

How did I not know about this new Korean BBQ joint opening up in K-town?? I was on the hunt for dinner one night and found this place last week. It’s called Ono Korean BBQ and they opened up in Palama Supermarket’s old location. That shopping center is really opening up some great food joints with more to come. I saw a sign for a new Chinese dim sum take-out place coming soon. Anyway, Ono Korean BBQ is a lot like Yummy’s in terms of take-out plates. They have a very clean store with nice seats and tables. They also have more soup options even though I still went for the Yuk Gae Jang. The prices are a bit higher than Yummy’s but I believe they give great portions and the quality is there. I only had a soup this time but I do plan to return soon and will share more then.


Yuk Gae Jang – $10.99 (with rice and 4 vegetables, you can get the soup on its own for cheaper)
Although it is bright red, it was not spicy at all. They even asked if I wanted it spicy and I said yes, lol.

141001-02It’s the little touches that count. I appreciate them wrapping up the soup container in it’s own bag to prevent spillage.


141001-04From left to right:
Mayonnaise Potatoes – The potatoes are cooked great. The seasoning is sweeter and not as garlicky as I would like. I wouldn’t get it again.
Choy Sum – Definite favorite of the 4. Cooked perfectly and tastes great.
Bean Sprouts – Nothing special, a bit bland.
Cucumber Kimchee – I didn’t like this initially but grew to like it. It is marinated with slivers of onion and carrots.

141001-05The soup – one of the best I have had. I was never a fan of yuk gae jang before but this one was great. Also, they give you so much stuff! Very generous portions.

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  1. jalna

    I also give bonus points for packaging.

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