Hong Kong Hanten 0410 – Shinjuku, Japan

Have you heard of Baek Jong Won before? I’m sure you must have if you follow Korean stuff. If not, he’s a very famous Korean chef and I was so excited to finally try his food! He has a few locations in Japan – not sure why he calls it Hong Kong Hanten 0410 – they serve the Northern Chinese cuisine we see here in Hawaii but Hong Kong is not Northern Chinese (though he loves visiting Hong Kong). Anyway, sorry for the confusing words – let’s get to the food!!!!

Complimentary pickles and raw onions – gotta have em!

Tangsuyuk (Large) | ¥2,600

Looks as good as it tastes! So light and crispy – love when the batter is light. Delicious! We over ordered hehe.

Gogi Jjamppong | ¥1,250

Chan’s dish, he enjoyed it! It was actually spicy so that’s good because he’s Korean and he can handle spice.

Jaengban Jajang | ¥1,950 (serves 2)

I saw this on the menu and had to get it. I don’t know why they only serve this as a 2 servings dish, I wish they offered this just as a single serving? Well it doesn’t matter, I ate it. I was hoping to share it with Chan but let’s be real – I just bodied it myself after he tried it. It was the best jajangmyun I have ever had in my life. I liked this one because it’s all stirfried together and it has all these vegetables and seafood in it. Man, I’m still salivating thinking about this dish. I want to eat it again.

6 responses to “Hong Kong Hanten 0410 – Shinjuku, Japan

  1. vickinags

    Haha, just looking at your title, I once again wondered why you travel all over and eat Chinese food. I stand corrected.
    I’m not a jajamyun person (not spicy) but that is the best looking one I’ve ever seen. I would eat that! and it cracks me up that those are the 3 standard dishes to order!
    I must thank you for giving me more interesting restaurants to look for whenI go to Japan!

    • Jenny

      Hahaha hey! Chinese no can help but want Chinese food ok?? Hahaha glad I found another spot you wanna check out. Those noodles are worth a try!!!

  2. Ho boy – I would so love to eat that jajangmyun! With crispy pork and takuan like in Korean dramas!

    • Jenny

      Oh yes! They always make food look so good. Especially when they order it for delivery and open up all the containers to chow down, yum!

  3. kat

    sounds and looks ono!

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