Mixed Plate Friday

Happy Aloha Friday! Since I have a few random pics I can share, let me share them! I also want to share these while they are recent!

Tantan Ramen | $13.50

Tonkatsu Sangi is located in Pioneer Plaza in Downtown. They have ties to the old school Gomaichi so you know their ramen is gonna be good. Sorry I took a picture only after I mixed it all up. They are also very popular for their tonkatsu and nanban chicken! It’s a take-out place, no dine in. Didn’t get to try the tonkatsu but did try the nanban – the nanban is drenched in like a ponzu-ish soy sauce. I think a lot of folks expect the other way, plain fried chicken smothered in tartar sauce so I’m just giving the heads up there. The ramen was good! The broth is rich in flavor but didn’t feel too heavy or greasy. They get pretty busy so I would go earlier in the day to get your food because they also do run out!

Shoyu Butter (Soy Garlic + Butter Sauce) | $12.00 + Extra Pasta | $1.50
Spaghetti, Bacon, Mushroom, Spinach, Nori Katsuobushi flakes

We did a quick lunch order from Mio Pastalogy and Dell’s Kitchen & Bakery (same space/owner/kitchen). I was in a pasta mood and felt like their regular portion was kind of small so I added extra this time. Not too bad for $1.50, it was delicious! I love Japanese fusion Italian food. Mio makes their own pasta daily so you’re eating fresh stuff, never the dry stuff. You can even buy your own pasta to take home and make your own dishes with! My favorite part? You can order and pay online and go pick up when it’s ready!

Bibimbap | $10.00 (tax included)

When do you ever see me commend prices? Holy crap here is one. I went to Palama Supermarket last week to grab some groceries and did a quick glance at their snack bar menu. I wasn’t planning on buying dinner but I can’t pass up a bibimbap and for 10 bucks?? Why not. I ordered it and it was 10 bucks even, no tax – sounds silly but I was even excited about that. Here it is. They even give you a side of kimchi. Great portion and price, man I should come to the snack bar more often. The rest of the menu looked really good value too!!

6 responses to “Mixed Plate Friday

  1. vickinags

    Yay! Mixed Plate Friday is back!
    The older woman who works at Tonkatsu Sangi is from Menchanko Tei, who had collaborated with Gomaichi before the Keeaumoku area was torn down. I used to love the nanban chicken at Menchanko Tei which she said was same recipe but agree, the one here seems a little drowned, but I still like it and it reheats well in the oven.
    I also like the Palama food court. I usually get the bibimkooksu or the yukkejang. Yes, their prices are very good! LOL, if I get the bibimbap, I take it home and slide it into the frying pan to make the rice crispy. Sooo Goood!

    • Jenny

      Woohoo! Sorta back, I haven’t been eating out too much so I might not have much more for a bit. Thanks for all the info! Now I gotta try all the other dishes at palama. And so smart that you slide it into a frying pan!

  2. I do love noodles! I like the Kalihi Palama market for their cold noodle soup. $10 no tax, lol. Super refreshing but the noodles get all stuck so rinse with cold water and drain before adding in the broth, etc.

    And on Saturdays, Fishcake has Shima’s noodles. His noodles are so fresh they remind me of mochi.

  3. kat

    everything looked and sounded so good! loved goma ichi

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