ICHIRAN – Harujuku, Japan

I am not a big fan of crowds. But here I was in Harajuku. Why? Well, firstly because of Ikea. And also some other stores I had to go to buy omiyage. Ended the trip with my every Japan trip visit to Ichiran. I know it’s a bit touristy to go and the whole cubicle to yourself dining concept was a bit faddish. To me, it’s just a nice bowl of ramen you can eat quickly and go. You can also purchase a pack to take home, way cheaper than the one in Don Quijote.

Ordering Machine

No worries, there’s always a line and they hand you a foreigner friendly menu to review before you get to the machine. Makes for an easy ordering process. Then you continue to line up to get seated. You can ask to be seated near your companion, just let them know.

Me in my cubicle waiting for my ramen with my lonely egg. Each cubicle has its own water station with cups on top.

While you are waiting for your seat after ordering, you can further specify how salty you want it, how you want the noodles cooked, spice level, etc. Yes, it’s an English form!

My toppings! Yum!

10 responses to “ICHIRAN – Harujuku, Japan

  1. kat

    never been to ichiran

  2. jalna

    I like Ichiran even though the broth is kinda potent to me.

  3. vickinags

    you know if customs catches your ichiran, they’ll confiscate it because cannot import meat/poultry to USA? the one they sell at Donki has their soup base made from Nebraska or someplace.
    Dang, I never had the time to go to any in Fukuoka! But also, I’m with Jalna, the broth is really potent.

  4. Looks ono! I LOVE noodles.

  5. Nanako Y Hew

    How much if you buy the noodles there vs. the $29.99 in stores here

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