Mixed Plate Friday

Ichiran Ramen Home Kit (5 servings) | ¥2000

You’ve seen this kit sold at Don Quijote. Too rich for my blood, they charge around $30 yeah? I bought a pack home for family members to try and eat. I don’t think I would buy it for myself – I rather have an excuse to go Japan to eat it fresh there!

I made my own soy marinated eggs, the char siu is from Marukai. They have a high quality pack of sliced char siu in their meat section. Was worth it! Family enjoyed the ramen.

Jenny style Cobb Salad

Just made any kine cobb salad at home. Chopped up some romaine, fried up some bacon, baked up some chicken patties, red onions, cucumbers and hand-shredded cheese (again). Served it up with some ranch, I had some leftover ranch from Wingstop (omg the best ranch) and it was divine! Kids love this salad because hello, bacon and chicken patty!

Instant Yakisoba with Soy Marinated Eggs

Bad cheat meal. I did this at least twice in Japan, I love that instant yakisoba cup noodle…and who can resist these eggs from the combini? I took full advantage! You know, I could probably eat the majority of my meals at the combini and be fine with that. I’m not picky. I miss this meal.

8 responses to “Mixed Plate Friday

  1. jalna

    I like the Ichiran ramen, but yah, it’s pretty potent.

  2. vickinags

    cobb salad! Years ago when I used to go to Las Vegas instead of Japan, we always stayed at the Stardust and their coffee shop had the hugest and bestest cobb salad ever,(especially being from Hawaii a salad that size would cost double for half the size!) Then I had to go and see the calories. over a thousand! for a salad! but, I loved the blue cheese crumbles and roquefort dressing.

    • Jenny

      Oh yeah?? I’ve always wanted to go to a restaurant and get a “BIG” salad. I don’t know why, I don’t even like salad that much. But the salad you described sounds amazing!

  3. Such a great post – ono ramen (but too expensive imo), inspirational cobb salad (I can do this) and simple food with instant yakisoba. I just had the instant Pho from Costco – dragon something. It was pretty good after I added some fresh basil leaves.

    • Jenny

      OH yum, adding the fresh basil leaves must have been so good to that instant pho! They have the fresh leaves in the 711 pho too and it makes all the difference!

  4. kat

    never tried ichiran your salad sounds ono!

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