Japan Airlines – HNL to HND

Happy Holidays everyone! I hope this post finds you well and that you had a wonderful Christmas! Traffic has been nuts yeah? More like nuts drivers. Stay safe out there! I’ll try my best to organize my life so that I will have time to blog again. Everything is a bit of a mess so I have much cleaning to do. Let me get some Japan posts out before it becomes old news! Chan and I had a wonderful time in Japan, was sad to come home but we will be back soon I am sure! For today’s post, I’ll share our wonderful flight experience from Honolulu to Haneda.

Sakura Lounge | Honolulu Airport

Yummers. Had to try their chicken curry on rice and of course their instant cup noodle. The curry? Was just alright, sorry! The chicken was kind of overcooked and dry. It’s a nice lounge and has every drink you can imagine! And not to sound da kine but the bathroom is located outside of the lounge in the airport and it was all hot and kind of stinky.

JAL Amenities Pouch – just wanted to show you folks what they give lol

They start you off with a drink and a nice rice cracker mix! Yum!

Washoku (Japanese Cuisine) | JAL Corporate Chef Uchiyama Naoki

Clockwise from top left: Walnut Tofu with Black Sesame Sauce; Squid Roll stuff with Spicy Cod Roe Potato; Salmon marinated in Sweet Vinegar; Roast Beef & Braised Soy Pulp with Soy Starchy Sauce (lol this description); Steamed Chicken with Sesame Sauce; Taro & Shrimp Cake & Japanese Omelette

Absolutely chose Washoku over the Western menu and there were no regrets. I enjoyed all of it! I especially loved these little side dishes. I think the tofu and squid was my favorites.

Grilled Black Cod “Saikyo Miso” Flavor
Steamed Rice (For keeping moisture of steamed rice, Chinese cabbage will be covered) – oh the details!

Super tender cod, looks kind of gray in the picture but tasted great! Loved the cabbage on the steamed rice lol.

Miso Soup

Lilikoi Passion-fruit Cake
Green Tea

Good, not great.

Assorted Cheese
Frest Fruits
Apple Juice (lol)

I had to take advantage of a snack time. Why I wanted to eat cheese as a lactose intolerant Asian on a plane? What do I say? I guess I’m a risk taker. I asked for water and apple juice too because I don’t drink alcohol. She plated it all so nicely and even gave me biscuits. Very nice.

Roast Beef Ciabatta Sandich
Greek Yogurt ith Raspberry Sauce

The meal before arrival. Meh, was just alright. Nothing memorable. Didn’t care for the yogurt and there is my trusty apple juice again. Just a forewarning, I drank a lot of apple juice on this trip.

6 responses to “Japan Airlines – HNL to HND

  1. vickinags

    Don’t you think the only way to go is on either JAL or ANA business class? So amazing, yah! (My flight cost more than my whole 9 day trip, hotel included.)
    I compared my going over meal with yours and it is almost identical. I was too full from the meal that I didn’t order any snacks. But before boarding, did have the curry in the lounge.
    Can’t wait for the rest of your trip pictures!

    • Jenny

      This is my first time going business on JAL and wow is right. And yes the price is steep!!! I wanna try ANA business though…oh the temptation!

  2. This was with a first class ticket? Wow!

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