Takeman – Kanagawa, Japan

Chan and I took a train out to Hiratsuka located within Kanagawa (my first time!) to meet up with two of his friends. I will say, the best meals we had during the trip were definitely at restaurants his friends’ (locals!!) chose. We dined in at Takeman and it was a wonderful experience; ambience, excellent service, food, everything was perfect!!! No English menu folks and we were served a set menu…so no real names of dishes here…sorry! It was all so delicious though…

Each of us had our own setting with a unique image – details!

Every dish was delicious and beautifully presented. Thank you to Takao for introducing this restaurant to us! Takao then drove us up to beautiful Komayama Park.

The park had one restaurant and check this out folks…

It was called Aloha Market and they sold Hawaiian plate lunches and specialties including “marasada.” Too bad we just ate lunch, I would have tried something!

6 responses to “Takeman – Kanagawa, Japan

  1. Lucky you! Can’t wait to see more of your trip and finds! Aroha!

  2. vickinags

    I was hoping this was on my way to Okayama in February because everything looks so scrumptious, but sadly no. Would love to try this place on one of my trips. So, good excuse to plan another trip.
    Thank you!

  3. kat

    this looked wonderful!

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