Lo Mein Showdown!

Yes, it’s another noodle post. Sorry not sorry. I was looking through my pictures and it looks like I had like a pretty long stretch of eating lo mein noodles in the summer. What is lo mein you ask? It’s basically a mixed noodle dish, usually egg noodles with whatever toppings you want. Chinese restaurants usually have it with beef brisket and either choy sum or bok choy. Let’s get into it.

Beef Brisket Won Ton Lo Mein | Around $15.00
Bo’s Kitchen (online order available)

I was super excited when Bo’s found their new location after Ohana Marketplace closed down. We did an office order with them and it went pretty smoothly. The reason why I don’t have this price is because it’s generally a soup dish but they are willing to do it lo mein style. The toppings are great, love their won ton. The noodles were a disaster. I don’t know if it was because they had just opened in this location but the egg noodles were so overly cooked that they were just one big gummy mess. Do. Not. Recommend.

Tossed Noodles with Choi Sum Beef Tenderloin | $10.95
Lee Ho Fook Restaurant (online ordering available)

I consider Lee Ho Fook to be one of the originals for this dish and they always make it great. Seriously. And the price? Can’t be beat! Some places don’t allow you to choose between the tenderloin and tendon and not everyone likes tendon, but Lee Ho Fook lets you choose! Not pictured is the side of soup they also give you with the dish. It’s like the broth they use with their noodle soups. Delicious!

Beef Brisket Lo Mein | $14.00
Kukui Cafe (online ordering available)

This one is my favorite. I can’t explain why, the meat is tender and perfectly seasoned. The noodles are cooked well (ahem) and I like the greens they serve it with. Kukui does not give a side of soup with these noodles but I don’t really need it. They also give you a pretty hefty portion. Winner winner chicken dinner!

11 responses to “Lo Mein Showdown!

  1. vickinags

    Holy Moly!!! Holy Moly!! Had to say twice cuz these looks so ono. Only trouble is, in this heat and humidity, do I want to hike over to Chinatown from DPC? Well, I already do a Lee’s Kichen run so what’s a couple extra blocks.
    Thanks for this post!!!

    • Jenny

      Hahaha I commenting too late because I already know you did and went and got three dishes from Lee Ho Fook, but I am so glad you enjoyed the lo mein!!!!

      • Vickinags

        Thought I’d let you know….I used online ordering for kukui Cafe and when I went to pick up the guy told me to call intead. It’s little cheaper!
        I told him I tried and no one answered. Their website says they open 7am but he said they open 8am I tried calling about 7:20

        • Jenny

          Oh my gosh! You know I always call and I always pay cash – I think both ways are cheaper. I think if you pay cash, no tax. Don’t quote me on that though. So sorry you had all that trouble trying to order! What did you end up ordering? Was good??

  2. Yum, I love noodles! There is a new noodle place in the same building as the Robyn Buntin Gallery that only sells at 3 Farmers Market for now until they can open up a place. It looked and smelled unreal ono (I was able to look at Aisha’s bowl). On Saturdays it is the Kailua one. And I forgot the name. BarumBarum, or something like that because it is the sound the noodles make when they are tossing them. Nice wide flat noodles with curly edges.
    For now, I will go try Kukui Cafe, thanks!

  3. kat

    wondering if the noodles get mushy from the combo of steam? sauce? plus overcooking?
    love cake noodle, brisket topping sounds so ono!

    • Jenny

      Perhaps I can try Bo’s Kitchen again to see if they got better but it was definitely overcooking that killed it! I got too many other choices that are good already…sorry Bo’s…lol

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  5. jalna

    OMG! I love noodles!

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