Shingen – Moilili, HI

If you know me, you know I love my carbs. It’s a curse. No blessings here. Well, the blessing is when I get to eat said carbs. Anyway, Shingen is a cute little restaurant in the same lot as Tori Ton and the old Sweet Home Cafe in Moilili. Now that we’re talking about soba which Shingen is known for, I’m getting a hankering for Inaba. Hmmm…stay tuned.

Ginger Tempura | $4.80

I would never think to order this on my own. It was interesting, I never had gari deep fried tempura style before. Is it something I am yearning for again? Probably not, but it was a nice nibble before dinner!

Seafood Salad with Japanese Style Dressing | $13.80

Isn’t this salad so pretty? Pretty to look at and delicious to eat. We really enjoyed sharing this dish. Would recommend!

Special Dinner Combo | $17.80
Hot Soba + Mini Ahi-Poke Don

Special Dinner Combo | $17.80 + $1.00
Cold Soba (upgrade to Moringa Soba for $1.00) + Mini Tem-Don

The first combo wasn’t mine so I can’t comment too much on it, but it was enjoyed. This was my dish. Very good. I wanted to be fancy and get the moringa soba, the menu says that moringa has over 90 nutrients. I got suckered in. Don’t they sell these in grocery stores? Well, I’ve seen green noodles? All in all, I think this was a good dining experience. I actually came here I think in March so the prices were a bit expensive to me since it was pre-inflation. I think I’m going to have to go to Inaba to do a compare and contrast!

Original Warabi Mochi | $5.80
jelly like confection, made from bracken starch and dipped in kinako (sweet toasted soy bean flour)

Almost forgot to post the dessert! I love warabi mochi lol so no complaints here!

8 responses to “Shingen – Moilili, HI

  1. vickinags

    where da mochi??? LOL I love warabi mochi.
    I like Shingen because I like soba and their prices are in line with other places nowdays, which means high!

  2. I really enjoy your reviews but I am like a rat in a maze that always goes through the same route. I rarely eat this kind of semi-high end food. My go-to for combo plates is Gyotaku.. I like their nishime and I get the senior version (cheap and smaller).

    I miss the mochi with ice cream from Gaza with Earl Grey tea syrup.

    • Jenny

      You know what’s so funny Aunty? Gyotaku is pricey to me! But then again I don’t qualify for seniors menu yet. But I do enjoy their food! I miss their mixed poke don…I would go back if they brought it back!

  3. kat

    fried red ginger is an osaka thing especially tempura style

  4. jalna

    Everything looks so good!!!

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