Mixed Plate Friday

Today’s post forreal going to be one mixed plate. From three different restaurants! Let’s gooooo!

Lamb Biryani (Spicy) | $16.95
traditional aromatic rice tossed with variety of herbs and spices, garnished with nuts

One day, for some odd reason, I got a hankering for Biryani. It’s weird because I have never even had biryani but I must have seen a picture of it online and really wanted to try it. I love me rice dishes and basmati rice is the best. I looked up Indian restaurants on Yelp and found Kamana Kitchen, they are located in Downtown so it’s not the easiest restaurant to dine in…no parking that I can think of. I was able to grab a pick-up buddy and wait curbside. Fair warning, there are a number of homeless around the area too. I’ve had a few occurrences when picking up (yes, I’ve had this dish more than once!).

I love this dish, they ask what spice level you want and I always say spicy. Well, it is SPICY. Do not go for spicy if you no can handle. Nice chunks of lamb in this dish though you can’t tell in the pictures. They give you raw onions, fresh lemon and side of some type of yogurt sauce (helpful for the mouth fire). I’ve also had their samosas and they were good too! Give them a try if you want some Indian food!

Iyasume Pac | $6.48
fried chicken, arabiki pork sausage, teriyaki sapam, egg tamago-yaki

Okay, when did Musubi Cafe Iyasume open up like 10 locations? Granted they are all located within 5 miles of each other, haha…but still good! I headed to the Keeaumoku location after a shopping errand. I hope that price is still correct, I thought it was a pretty good deal! Nice portion, not too much but not too little.

Konbu Maki | $3.05
Hot Dog | $1.80
Tuna Musubi | $2.60
Spam Musubi | $1.99
Chow Fun | $2.85
Side Order Nishime (not shown) | $3.35

Ho brah, now that I type up the prices…am I made of money? I took a trip out to Gulick Delicatessen cause I was hankering for some okazuya. Do you folks remember when they used to be on South King Street? It was so convenient to pick food up before work, I was so sad when they closed down. Their Kalihi location isn’t the easiest place to go, get a few stalls for parking but they are hard to secure. I went super early before work one morning and decided to die of carbo loading. I couldn’t help it. When you’re ordering at the counter, there’s no prices so you just go for it. I found the receipt in my wallet and decided to type it out for you folks. HO THE PRICES. That one konbu maki is 3 bucks! But hey, konbu maki is a pain to make I bet so I think you’re paying for the labor. $1.80 for one hot dog? Come on guys!

Nah nah, it’s okay, to me it was worth it. Their chow fun is really good and I enjoy the spam musubi. It’s not like 7-11 kine spam musubi but I like the plain white rice and unseasoned spam…the side nishime was for another meal. The side order nishime comes one of those poke clear containers (I think a 1 lb container). I like their nishime!

6 responses to “Mixed Plate Friday

  1. vickinags

    I love Gulicks! I always get pork and long beans, eggplant, sweet sour pork although most of the time the pork is not tender, but still like the taste.
    the servings are so huge, It is def 2 meals. I also love the tuna takuan musubi and the shiso musubi.
    They don’t have it every day but I like that purple sweet potato salad. My friend says to eat it like a dessert and he swears they use candied ginger for flavor.
    LOL, I clicked on the link for that Kamana place and it doesn’t list a Honolulu site. only outer island. I gotta google, I guess

    • Jenny

      Oooh you gave me plenty choices to try next time!

      Sorry for the wrong initial link for Kamana, I’ve updated it to the correct one now!

  2. kat

    ooh love all these different foods! will need to check out kamana if and when I can travel

  3. Nanako Y Hew

    Love Gilick but expensive! Their chow fun is good cuz MSG. They have the best fried chicken, but it’s a hit or miss cuz sometimes they overcook it and it’s too stringy and chewy, but the chicken is XXL size. Huge chicken, wonder where they get it from. Their homemade takuwan is sooo good, more on the sweet side and cheap. I must go at the best times cuz parking is plentiful. Their hot rice is cheaper than their musubi, BTW. Thanks for the tip on 7-11 donuts, broke da mouth good. I am addicted, best donuts EVER. -N

    • Jenny

      Oh N! Thanks for the tip about Gulick! Will keep these in mind the next time I go! ALSO, I am so glad to hear you enjoy the 7-11 donuts too! Ugh I haven’t had them in so long, I hardly get out to 7-11 and when I do, they are nowhere in sight! Might be better for me that way…haha

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