Mixed Plate Friday

Lego Typewriter

I don’t usually buy Lego sets but when I saw this one released, I knew I had to get it! It’s pricey but thanks to a friend, I was able to get it at a discounted price. And well it took forever to build! So many little pieces but it was worth it. The keys do work and the carriage moves, I should take a video of it working. It’s pretty neat!! Wish I had a clear display case for it because it will now collect dust (like real life typewrites yeah?)

Poke Bowl (2 Choice) | $12.95

I haven’t been to Alicia’s Market since they had that fire and reopened. Got these bowls for the boys, it’s nice that one choice or two choice is the same price. Kind of pricey for the portion but was good. I believe we chose Shoyu Onion and Spicy Ahi.

Spicy Mixed Noodles (Bibimkooksoo) | $13.95

Next door to Alicia’s is Joon’s Korean BBQ, I didn’t feel like poke bowl so I gave them a chance! When I first got the order, I thought the portion was kind of small. They usually give it in a big lunch plate box but you know what? It was a pretty hefty portion and I asked for spicy and I got what I asked for, it was spicy. My face is leaking kine spicy. I wouldn’t go out of my way to go back here but would try it again if I was there.

8 responses to “Mixed Plate Friday

  1. jalna

    So cute that typewriter!

  2. vickinags

    I have that same coke bottle in back of your typewriter! Unopened too! What an awesome lego set. I always look over the nano blocks when I’m in Japan and usually buy the ones of places I’ve been but they’re still all unopened in their boxes.
    I haven’t been to Alicia’s too since their fire but even when I went I used to love their brisket since I’m not a poke eater. Weird, huh.

    • Jenny

      Yes! I like collecting cute coke bottles! Love my Lego typewriter. If I wasn’t feeling full that day, I wouldn’t have got some of Alicia’s roast meats!

  3. kat

    cute typewriter

  4. A working lego typewriter? Wow! Good looking food, too!

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