Mixed Plate Friday

On a walk around the UH Manoa campus, I spotted this note on the ground. It was the Monday after graduation and I was just so intrigued by the letter. Simple note. Do you think it’s authentic? Do grandparents sign letters with “Grandmother”? I guess I would assume Grandma or something less formal? Not sure. I felt sad that it was littered on the ground. So what do you folks think? Real letter or like a plant to catch attention? Either way, sweet but sad message.

Spicy Tofu Poke Bowl | $11.75

Walked down to Down to Earth (ha!) but didn’t get my usual tofu pockets, decided to try this spicy tofu poke bowl instead. How was it? Well it tastes like a health food store made it, does that help you? Get a big helping of hijiki salad which I love. Rice was kind of hard. The tofu was just alright. I wouldn’t get it again.

Miso Butterfish Bento | $14.00

It is dangerous that Mai Musubi is so close to work, since I walked down to Le Flowers to get a lei, swung by here to grab breakfast and lunch. This bento was supposed to be my lunch but I ate it for breakfast (lol). It was good! Two good sizes pieces of fish, I enjoyed it. I don’t enjoy their fried chicken but I enjoy this.

8 responses to “Mixed Plate Friday

  1. vickinags

    I’m still trying to find the right timing for Mai Musubi. Go too early, bento not ready . Go too late, sold out. I know they make to order but usually in a rush and just want to grab and go

    • Jenny

      Yes I never order online, just go when I can and what they have is what I grab. I think they changed their opening to 7am which won’t work for my morning walks. Oh well, that must be a sign I no can go.

  2. kat

    love le flowers! glad they are still around, used to go there whenever I needed lei!

  3. jalna

    That note did intrigue me. I hope Noah thanked “grandmother” if she included money in that card which he tossed to the ground after opening. (See how my mind made up a story).

  4. Hey…my grandson is named Noah. Kind of a sad note from his grandmother. I would write “have a good life” and sign it “Baba””.

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