Mixed Plate Friday

Tell me these aren’t the cutest candies ever!!! So talented. The “rice” is made out of rice crispies treat and the “fish” or toppings are either made out of a molding chocolate or the shiny ones are gummy candy!! Don’t these looks great?? My coworker’s SIL makes and sells these, these would make super cute party favors! Check out her instagram here: krispiesbykelli!

We decided to beat the summer heat with a nice refreshing drink from Cowcow’s. I was excited because they had mango sago back in stock. Oh boy, maybe I’m getting older but that drink is way too much for me now. It’s pretty rich, luckily not overly sweet but I don’t think I plan to order this anytime soon. That’s just me! This shop is super cute with the cutest decorations and they are always super busy!

2 responses to “Mixed Plate Friday

  1. vickinags

    so cute!
    from a person who used to drink mocha frappucinos almost every day, I rarely drink any sweetened drinks now even though everything looks so good and refreshing.
    made the mistake of making some Korean concoction I saw on a post, that looked soooo good but was waaaay too sweet: fruit flavored soju, fruit flavored makgeoli, and drinkable conjac jelly and ice
    LOL, I still make it nowdays but just use regular unflavored soju.. so much better.

  2. kat

    so cute the sushi!

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