Ruth’s Chris Steak House – Downtown, HI

This is a memory I will never forget. My friend and I went to Ruth’s Chris Steak House at Restaurant Row (now Waterfront Plaza – yes I’m old) for a holiday dinner years ago. Dinner was going swimmingly, all the tables were full with holiday cheer until we hear a big sound. I was horrified to see that a food runner had dropped his tray of food all over a diner. I’m talking like bowls of hot soup. I was mortified for them! Sorry, that’s the memory I had and when I dined here a few weeks ago, I couldn’t shake that memory because all of them were still carrying trays so full of food way high up in the air…I had PTSD! Anyway, the same friend (lol) treated me to a wonderful birthday dinner here! It was amazing, let me share some pics!!!

Complimentary Warmed Bread and Butter. Yes please.

Caesar Salad | $19.00
romaine hearts, parmesan & romano, creamy caesar

No worries, it’s for two portions! My friend actual ate vegetables, birthday miracles do happen (ha!). The salad was delicious! They don’t make it table side in case you were wondering.

Petite Filet & Shrimp | $67.00
8 oz. petite filet with three large shrimp

I used to get the rib eye but now since I have a smaller appetite, the petite was it! Couldn’t resist a little surf and turf action. I’ve learned my lesson in the past and guess what I did? I ordered it rare.

They cooked it right and I was thrilled. And you know what? This is probably one of the best steaks I have ever had in my life. It was cooked perfectly and it was so tender, broke the mouth soft man. So so so good!

Petite Filet + Lobster Tail | $58 + $20
8 oz. of our most tender cut of lean, midwestern beef
lobster tail sizzling with drawn butter

My friend’s meal. YUM. Well I didn’t have any of it but how can you go wrong??

Mac & Cheese | $18.00
cavatappi pasta, white cheddar sauce

They label this as lobster mac and cheese but if you don’t want to be bougie, you can order the mac and cheese plain which is what we did!!

Complimentary Birthday Dessert – Flaming Strawberries

What a spectacle. No worries, they don’t sing to you! And boy does it take a while for the fire to die down. And when it does…the strawberries are all mushy and kind of junk. What a waste of beautiful strawberries! I would take the strawberries with the chocolate sauce, hold the fire!

Creme Brulee | $14.00
vanilla bean custard with raw sugar crust

Chocolate Sin Cake | $13.00
rich flourless cake, ganache, raspberry sauce

My dessert. So rich and decadent. Super good though!

3 responses to “Ruth’s Chris Steak House – Downtown, HI

  1. Vickinags

    oooo, haven’t been there in years but I do remember having the best seared ahi appetizer ever! IYKYK, I don’t care for raw fish but the fish was cold and a thin layer of searing which was sooo good! They must have used frozen fish so it was still cold inside. Warm raw fish, yeech!

  2. I have been to Ruth Chris twice. I wasn’t impressed but had to act like it was good.
    Actually, the best steak I had recently was from Morton’s in Ala Moana Center.
    And the pulehu steak and onions from Aiea Bowl. Cheap eats compared to you.

  3. kat

    can’t remember if I’ve ever eaten here. glad you had a nice experience

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