Sushi Murayama – Ala Moana, HI

Chan treated me to a special dinner at Sushi Murayama! I haven’t been there in ages and I am not quite sure how they run the restaurant now, post-pandemic. Other than two other guests, we were the only ones seated at the sushi counter for their omakase. I’m not sure if they are doing their full menu dining in the full restaurant. Chan decided to try the $155 omakase deluxe set and what a treat! It’s 16 pieces of sushi and yes, they were all high quality.

My only complaint? Much. Too. Fast. I don’t think I have ever complained about fast service, but this was…too much. They put down your first piece of sushi right when you sit. They explain each sushi and the origin of it which is good, but basically once you eat the sushi – the next piece is already plopped down. The chef was super attentive and basically waiting for the moment to drop the next dish. I tell you, we could have finished the meal in 15 minutes because it felt that fast paced. For me, that ruined the experience a bit. Chan and I had a super omakase experience in Seattle which felt almost opposite of this. Gotta give your diners time to savor the food they just ate…I can’t remember much about each dish because it was just all too fast. I got full so fast too so I had to take some home. Well, enjoy the pics lol.

3 responses to “Sushi Murayama – Ala Moana, HI

  1. vickinags

    Even though I’m not a sushi/sashimi fan, I had their omakase once. So dumb. Only enjoyed about 3 of the pieces. Trick is to go with people who really like sushi, LOL. Don’t remember much about the pace but we were sitting at a table instead of the bar so maybe that slowed it down.
    Even looking at your pictures, I think I would enjoy only 3 of them. I really gotta learn to eat more types of sushi!

  2. It would have been wasted on me (I go to Kozo Sushi and occasionally to Zippy’s Sushi). My 2 favorites are hamachi and hamachi. That’s all I order. Sometimes salmon, but always hamachi.

  3. kat

    I guess since there weren’t a lot of customers, they were able to focus on your every move 🙂 everything looked great

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