Mixed Plate Friday

Yeah, I tried the plant-based katsu musubi so you don’t have to. Well it’s up to you. It tastes fine, but they deep fry it katsu style so how can it be junk? And yeah, you can totally tell it’s plant based so if you’re looking for a good spam replacement, this wouldn’t be it. Also it’s $3!!!!

Speaking of musubi, I made this assortment for one of the UH football game gatherings the other week! Ger regular spam, red hot dog spam and plain musubi with some furikake. I enjoy the spam musubis I make lol.

I made this the other week because I had a hankering for Korean style oxtail soup. Trying to replenish my iron levels with meat and can you tell I love green onions? Haha, it was good! I had some glass noodles at the bottom too. Was good but got pretty tired of it after a while…hard to make a dish that you then gotta eat up yourself for DAYS.

4 responses to “Mixed Plate Friday

  1. vickinags

    If you ever have problems finishing oxtail soup again, all I can say is ME! ME! ME! ME! ME!

    LOL, couldn’t it be frozen?

  2. kat

    deep fried plant based spam…at least now you know

  3. Glad you tried the katsu musubi. I rather have their inari sushi or pho.

    Actually, I want whatever you are cooking!

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