Sandy’s Cafe – Chinatown, HI

Chan and I are on the hunt for good Chinese grindz, but specifically, good Chinese breakfast grindz. And ding ding ding, we have a winner! Sandy’s Cafe is located in the Chinese Cultural Plaza so we came in on a Sunday morning for a nice leisurely breakfast. They are also known for roasting their own meats and have been rated pretty high on lists, are they worth the hype?

Lemon Tea (Cold) | $5.00

Gotta start the meal off with a nice freshing Hong Kong style lemon iced tea. If the lemon slices don’t take up half the cup, what are you even doing? (j/k).

Crispy Gau Gee (4 pcs) | $7.00

Fried nice and crisp and packed full of stuffing. Homemade and delicious!

Beef Brisket & Tendon Funn in Soup | $19.00

Chan loves this type of dish so he’s been trying it all over. He likes the one from Lam’s Kitchen a lot but he liked Sandy’s version too! I had a slurp of their soup, very flavorful! Tasted more homey to me, which I like!

Ginger Chicken Sauce Chicken & Roast Duck on Rice | $19.00
Opted for Thigh meat | $2.00 upcharge

So yeah, you read that right. To get the dark meat, you gotta pay TWO DOLLARS. There was a bit of confusion and she came back to confirm if I wanted thigh for both meats. I ain’t going to pay $4! Sorry, but generally duck is good in all parts…especially the breast! I only wanted chicken thigh meat. Yeah they gave me chicken thigh meat with a couple pieces of breast too. I actually originally wanted the char siu and roast duck on rice plate to try their roast meats but they said their char siu wasn’t ready. I think she said it would be ready at 9 or 10. Okay this is a lot of complaining but I actually enjoyed the dish a lot. Even if the waitress got a bit snippy at me when I got confused by her thigh questioning – they are all actually quite nice and the restaurant is nice and clean and bright! We will definitely return but according the sign on their door, they are taking an extended break until about mid-November? Definitely recommend! Though, I still think Asian Mix’s roast duck is betta.

3 responses to “Sandy’s Cafe – Chinatown, HI

  1. vickinags

    LOL, I was all set to run there until I got to the end that they’ll be closing until mid Nov! I guess I gotta go Lam’s for the beef brisket. My boss’s birthday is this Friday and although he is currently on a birthday trip to Japan, I had been planning to get lunch for him when he returns. He loves the beef brisket from Lam’s.

  2. Oh, you make me hungry for Chinese food!
    I like Lee Ho Fook for beef brisket and I also like their minute chicken on dry noodles.
    Roast duck favorite is in Aiea – Roast Duck Kitchen.
    And my pal Wandaful and I were looking for a fast place to eat for lunch during a workshop and we found a hole in the wall in that Maunakea Market where it looks all grungy and poverty. On the left end had a Vietnamese stall and their bahn mi sandwich was really ono! They toasted up the bread so it was crunchy. And across from them was a noodle place that had duck so I ordered a plate lunch on dry noodles with duck. Super ono! The noodles were nice and chewy and the duck was tasty! Kinda skinny duck but good enough for me.

  3. kat

    why can’t they just give it to you?! you were already paying $19…at least it was ono

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