Rant and Rave

I’m just gonna start off with a rant and then end with a rave so it can be on a positive note. On Friday, I had a day off from work and decided to pick up my brothers from school and spend time with them and my cousin who was leaving back to school in Chicago. I may have mentioned this before but my brothers are very young and I could be their mother. Well if I had my kids early in life, then yes, I can be their mother. I’m not. So the first pick-up was for the youngest at the preschool. It was nap-time and I told the teacher I was picking up Jayson. She was very friendly, don’t get me wrong…but I still believe she was very rude. She asked who I was and I told her and then the questions started. First she asked how old I was, and sorry but I am now at the age where it is SUPER rude to ask me how old I am. I am pretty sensitive about my age now, haha. Then she just keeps going, so I basically have to share my life story about my father and him having kids with his new wife, etc. She bombards me with non-stop questions, where do I live, who else is in my family, majorly personal and sensitive questions. I’m not comfortable but I answer them because, get this, I don’t wanna be rude! So after the whole inquisition, she then says she has to check my ID to pick him up in case I’m kidnapping him or something (ha! sarcastically). ┬áThen at the end she has the wonderful foresight to tell me that if I had a kid, my youngest brother would be an uncle. ┬áThank you for the information. I’m glad she had a laugh at her own rude joke.

Anyway, sorry that was the rant. Maybe I’m at that point of the month where I’m sensitive but I still think her personal questions were rude. I got the sense that the way she asked them were also judgemental. Sigh. Other than that I had a pretty good day off, can’t wait to share the pics with you! Let me share with you a picture from Lanikai last week!


3 responses to “Rant and Rave

  1. Anon

    Sorry you had to go through such an interrogation, maybe you should of had the teacher contact the parents instead? At least it showed that the,school was careful in screening . But the protocol may need a professional revamping and be a lot more tactful .

    So nice of you to be so caring of your little,siblings.

  2. lance

    Maybe you can bring it up the the principal, as it sound’s like that teacher is more of a “I like know gossiper” person. The school should have a list of questions to ask that are not very personal but personal enough where only a close relative would know, like the child’s or mother’s/father’s middle name. Or have a list of people, whom the parents authorize to pick up the child. As sometimes, kidnapping are done by someone the parents know, but not “really know”.

  3. Hey Anon and Lance. I think my ranting may not have explained everything. LOL…the protocol is that she just checks the master list, I show my ID and they let me sign them out. I am on the master list. The thing that got me was she was asking all this stuff cause she herself is curious. You could tell she just wanted to know cause she’s nosy. I didn’t wanna come off cold by not answering her but she just kept going. But you’re totally right, it wasn’t professional so I didn’t appreciate being drilled about my personal life.

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