Nihonbashi Sui – Machida, Japan

Chan found his favorite kaiten sushi restaurant during this trip. On this day, we went to Grandberry Park to visit the Snoopy Museum and stuck around to get lunch. We timed it (by accident) perfectly, we were able to line up for the lunch openings. Plenty restaurants had long lines already so we decided to try Nishonbashi Sui – we were like 2nd in line so that was great! I can’t find too much online about this place, does anyone know if this restaurant has any other locations in Japan? The only cool thing I found was that it’s owned by Kyotaru! What a throwback, I used to work for Kyotaru. So that means I’m technically part of this family right?

We ate choke. I don’t have any prices or descriptions, just enjoy the pictures (there are a lot of them).

10 responses to “Nihonbashi Sui – Machida, Japan

  1. jalna

    Wow! Looks awesome.

  2. vickinags

    that looks even better than Sushiro!
    I’m learning to eat raw fish but still cannot handle otoro or other fatty types. Good, cuz cheaper to stick with the salmon, ikura and seared stuff! LOL

    • Jenny

      Chan thinks it’s the best! Gotta go try it!! And the snoopy museum is so cute! But I love salmon and it’s like probably my fave so I will take that over otoro lol

  3. Oh my! You did eat choke! And the Snoopy museum? Must have been so cute!

  4. Kat

    nice that Chan found a fave kaiten shop

  5. Alan

    Looks like very high quality fish for the nigiri. Was probably good and espensive!

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