Tali’s Bagels & Schmear – Honolulu, HI

Hi folks. Apologies are in order, life got super busy and I just didn’t have the time, motivation or energy to post. I even had a whole bunch of pictures edited and ready to go but now I look at them and don’t want to. LOL, so I’ll put those pics on the side and start anew here.

Did I ever tell you folks I never learned to swim? So one of my bucket list items was to learn how to swim. My co-worker suggested looking into the Parks and Rec program and what a great idea! It was just in time for the new term and lo and behold, I found the beginner’s courses. I got super excited. I bought swim clothes, goggles and was ready for the courses.

Sorry to say, the excitement soon faded. Everyone in my class were not beginner swimmers, not even close. I was super excited to learn from our instructor because he is so gentle and patient but eventually, he had me learn alone with this younger guy while he taught the others. The first time I had that happen, I thought this is awesome – I get my one on one instruction! Well sorry, but while this younger guy was nice, he was not teaching me anything and seemed bored. So as I did the same thing over and over, I watched as the main instructor was having a ball with the rest of the students. I felt defeated and by the time it happened a second time, I kind of just cried driving home because I felt so isolated and wasn’t learning much.

What can you do when it’s a free course right? I am a bit irritated that all these swimmers are taking up the spots in a beginners course, it feels pretty selfish to me. Folks like me who actually need to learn how to swim gets jipped you know? Sigh. For now, I guess I’ll just watch YouTube videos and practice in Chan’s pool. I don’t know, my shoulders are still junk so it limits me too. Sorry for the boo-hoo’ing but that was part of the reason why I was busy too.

Let’s get to the meat of the post! I checked out Tali’s Bagels & Schmear the other week (omg it was August, I just checked the date) because I had a hankering for some NY style bagels! A bit pricey but I thought they were good all in all?

They are located in Ward Center – it used to be the Mocha Java spot. Man, I heard they are going to tear down Ward Center too. How many condos is too many condos?? I never got over Borders closing haha.

OG NYC w/Everything Bagel | $16.00
acme premium center-cutlox, tomato, red onion, dill, capers, and our classic schmear

How was it? Good. $16 good? I don’t know. I guess I’m not a bagel snob so I can’t tell the difference between a super good bagel versus a basic one. I feel like I could just buy my own bagels and make my own sandwich and put choke more smoked salmon lol.

Aww Zhuga Zhuga w/Classic Bagel | $15.00
slow cooked chicken breast drenched in house-made zhug (cilantro-based hot sauce/middle eastern spices), roasted bell peppers, onions and melted mozzarella

What possessed me to get this? I had no idea what zhug was so I really took a risk to get this one. But you know what? It was delicious! It’s like a slighty spicy pesto sauce, it was a good sandwich! I would get this again if I had to return here. But yeah, I don’t think I’m itching to come back again until I get another bagel craving.

4 responses to “Tali’s Bagels & Schmear – Honolulu, HI

  1. kat

    aw that’s awful, if I lived in Hawaii, I would help you swim…thanks for the heads up on that bagel place I had wanted to check them out when I was there in the summer but never got around to it, take care of your shoulder

  2. N

    Oh man bummer about the swimming. And how rude, they’re using it as an exercise class I bet. Free kine too. Anyway a friend of mine’s didn’t know how to swim either and she took a private lessons from a lady who taught it out I think and Aina Hina. I don’t know how many weeks it was or the price but at least she got one to one instruction. I know of so many many years ago that the Y used to teach. They used to offer certifications. But that was a long time ago. I do hope you get to swim, I was such a beach baby until my teens and to this day the beach is very soothing for me. So I hope you get to enjoy it one day. As for the bagels, yeah a little too pricey for me. And also chewy. Good luck.

  3. vickinags

    welcome back!
    my dad used to take us out on a raft or rubber tube and shove us off. learned to dog paddle really quick! Then as N says, took swimming lessons from YWCA on Richards street. I’m a very poor swimmer but can backstroke and side stroke better that Australian crawl. I never go to the beach or pool nowdays. body shame. UV rays. messes my makeup LOL
    For a really short while, Tali’s used to sell on our lanai at Davies Pacific on Wednesdays. Sooo good.
    I feel that’s the true bagel or what Hawaiian Bagels used to sell 40 years ago, not those giant soft stuff from Safeway, Costco etc.

  4. The thing about bagels is that it is really fat bread and not my cup of tea. I like the toast bread from Brug Bakery but SO expensive!

    Bummers about your swim class. No respect. Keep on trying – you will be dog paddling and back floating all over the place in no time. Come to think of it, I used to do that and then I had to go back to UH for a language class and decided to take a swim class. I learned to do the Australian crawl and once I had the hang of it, I could do lap after lap!

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