Shaw’s Crab House – Chicago, IL

After my cousin’s white coat ceremony at her school, we decided to celebrate at a nice restaurant.  After searching through the many restaurants to choose from, we made a reservation at Shaw’s Crab House.  Busy busy place so I assume it’s great.  I think the food was good but the service was lacking.  The waiter seemed disinterested right after we declined drinks.  Sorry guys, we don’t all enjoy alcohol.  He all but disappeared for the rest of the meal which by the way lasted like half an hour (seriously!).  I can say that the food was delivered quickly and it wasn’t too bad to eat.  I do think you’re paying for the atmosphere, it’s really too bad the service was poor.  We did enjoy the food otherwise.


King crab legs!! 

130906-02Oh for the life of me, I can’t remember the name of this flatbread cracker thing served with the bread!  It starts with a P right?  I never liked this cracker…


The winner of the night!  This is what my cousin and I were dying to have.  We just love raw oysters…this really hit the spot!!


Rainbow Roll because we’re Asian. was good, not great.  I’ve had better in Hawaii for sure.

130906-05I leave you with a quick Chicago night shot from our walk to the restaurant.  I miss Chicago!  I really want to return during the winter season again.

2 responses to “Shaw’s Crab House – Chicago, IL

  1. Darren

    The crab legs and the oysters look tasty !! Also I love the skyline pic at the end.

    Also, is the p word you are looking for – a tuile with the bread rolls ?

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