Kickin Cajun – Keeaumoku, HI

Happy June everyone! Does that mean it’s officially summer? This past week was terrible! I think we must have had some strong vog or something because I had a severe case of post nasal drip. My friend was telling me that she saw something on the news about it being the smog blowing over from China. Um…forreal? Does anyone know if this is legit? I find myself having a hard time believing. Anyhow, I’m getting super busy at work again! But in the past the stress has been with a really tight deadline – this one is less time restrictive.

Have you folks tried all the seafood in a bag restaurants? I don’t know how else to address these. My first visit to one was at Crab City and I really liked what they did! I was pretty sad to see them close down. I tried Kickin Kajun last week and while the service was very good, the food just doesn’t beat Crab City. I have a few more to try so I can compare, hopefully I can this summer! I don’t know if this happens all the time but they were out of practically everything! I was able to snag the last lobster so we ordered the lobster/shrimp combination. There isn’t much pictures because…your hands are super gross when you’re digging in! The bag also comes with crawfish, corn, potato, smoked sausage and clams. My only complaint was that the house sauce was a bit bland.


140601-02Quick peek inside the bag before we dug in. The lobster was nice! My dining companion let me eat the lobster head…heavenly!!

140601-03Side of rice that comes with the combination.

Kani Doraku – Shinjuku, Japan

If you’ve been to Japan, you have probably seen the sign for this restaurant. They are located all over Japan and we definitely had to give this place a try while we were there! Kani Doraku is definitely not a cheap restaurant but I believe it’s worth every cent. And worth every cent from Linda. We came here for her birthday and she treated! Thank you so much, it was such a memorable and delicious meal.

140124-01You can’t miss this business sign!

140124-02Check out their chopstick holder, it’s the details that count!

140124-03Their own chopsticks? It’s on now. And it includes a tool to help take the crab meat out! Genius.

140124-04Gotta try some hot sake…I’m not an alcohol girl. Hahaha. There are so many great pictures coming, so get ready (over 20)!  Continue reading

Shaw’s Crab House – Chicago, IL

After my cousin’s white coat ceremony at her school, we decided to celebrate at a nice restaurant.  After searching through the many restaurants to choose from, we made a reservation at Shaw’s Crab House.  Busy busy place so I assume it’s great.  I think the food was good but the service was lacking.  The waiter seemed disinterested right after we declined drinks.  Sorry guys, we don’t all enjoy alcohol.  He all but disappeared for the rest of the meal which by the way lasted like half an hour (seriously!).  I can say that the food was delivered quickly and it wasn’t too bad to eat.  I do think you’re paying for the atmosphere, it’s really too bad the service was poor.  We did enjoy the food otherwise.


King crab legs!! 

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