Sunset Texas Barbecue – Kakaako, HI

I have been a fan of Sunset Texas Barbecue since they were a food truck out in Haleiwa. Then they moved into a brick and mortar in Wahiawa and I visited them there too. They are finally in town! They’re located across the old Fisher’s where that bagel shop used to be. Super good food, southern BBQ but the prices. Oh the prices. They weren’t cheap before which is okay since you’re paying for some quality smoked meats but it’s hard for me to justify coming here on a regular basis at all. We came on a weekday right before 11am – no line! Here’s what we got!

Beef Brisket Plate (w/cream corn and pinto beans) | $22.00
comes with 2 scoops of rice (or white bread) and 2 sides

They give a pretty good portion of meat and the meat is good! Would have liked a bit more beans but…and the cream corn was good! I wasn’t feeling like potato salad so I went this route.

Beef Brisket x 0.57 lb | $19.95
Pork Rib x 0.60 lb | $18.00

Ehhhh….it’s two pork ribs for $18.00. It’s good, but nothing like great you know? I mean I wouldn’t mind just going to Costco to get their whole slab or ribs for maybe $30? Like I said, it’s pricey! I think if I came back, I’d just get a plate for myself – felt like a better deal. Also, we had to ask for BBQ sauce on the side and pickles on the side. I don’t know if they usually charge extra for it but gosh I feel like at these prices, condiments and pickles should be free?

When you order by the pound, they do give you a small container of pickles and two slices of white bread. I’ll leave you with their menus so you can make your decisions yourself if you want to come here.

10 responses to “Sunset Texas Barbecue – Kakaako, HI

  1. vickinags

    looks so ono even though pricey. Every place pricey!
    Hey, but I went to a Korean restaurant and their LA Kalbi was $42 or something like that.

  2. Looks really good but I am trying to eat more healthy. My old neighbor, Mrs. Tsuneyoshi used to always say, “If it tastes good, spit it out because it is not good for you.” lol. But then she would say that if it gives you a lot of pleasure, just enjoy eating. I miss her and her many wisdoms.

    • Jenny

      It’s hard yeah? Gotta find a good balance. I’ve been trying to get back on the wagon so I eat good food but try to eat smaller portions. Try is the operative word here hehe.

  3. kat

    wow that is pricey, but looks ono! I agree condiments should be free.

  4. N

    I ate there once rushing to get to it because they close early. They were always sold out before their regular closing time. This was at their Wahiawa restaurant. The parking was awful I dented my car many times trying to pull out of the Mini stall. And to avoid hitting a Corvette that was blocking the exit. I did not find the barbecue all that. I remember I got coleslaw and the coleslaw was in that good either it was extremely sour I had to add a little sugar and then it was good. So I’ve never seen what the big to do about this particular restaurant. Do I did read how he is meticulous in the smoking of the barbecue.

    • Jenny

      Oh man. Yes that parking lot was the worst! Super glad they moved to town. I don’t like Cole slaw in general so I can’t comment on that. Haha I’m not rushing to go back here, I can just eat meat elsewhere!

  5. jalna

    Ho, looks good. I wonder if the guys in my house know about this place.

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