Gyotaku Restaurant – Pearl City, HI

Another visit to Gyotaku! I got bad service again this time so this isn’t going to be a pleasant┬ápost. We were stuffed into the corner so we were forgotten quite a bit – I felt like we were a hassle to the waiter or something. And guess what?? Their kids meals have raised so much in price! I swear it used to be about $6.99 for a kid’s meal which was a great deal. They raised it to over $8 and still serve exactly the same thing. I was not pleased but I was already there. Anyhow, I’ll just share a few pictures of my food and dessert.

140516-01I enjoy their Soba and Tempura set. Delicious.

140516-02Maki Sushi and Cone Sushi

140516-03Tempura – looks a bit shriveled and not appetizing huh? Nothing special.

140516-04I love myself some grated daikon and green onions. I need to learn how to make a good soba tsuru.

140516-05Zenzai – pretty good. It’s not thick, more soupy. A bit too sweet this time.

140516-06Nice warm dessert for a cold dining room!