Spicy Cold Soba – Yajima-Ya

This food truck is great. The last time I came here, I tried their mushroom chicken and thought it was good but a bit salty (Previous Yajima-Ya Post). During my recent visit, it was hot as all heck and I needed something cold to cool me down. I tried their spicy cold soba and I gotta say, there’s no turning back now. It was exactly what I was looking for!


Umm…droool. I am so wanting a bowl as I write this post. Can you see the ingredients in this? The mixed vegetables (great!), kimchee (ah weak sauce in terms of spice), kakiage (actual chunks of shrimp!), oh so soft thin slices of beef. I think it was beef, was pretty sure. Super soft and flavorful…ahh…

140917-02They packed the tsuyu separate which is great. Mine leaked but I blame it more on how we transported back more than anything else. We didn’t have AC at work for half the day today and this bowl of deliciousness would have really hit the spot. Look, I got a green onion hooked onto my chopstick. I don’t know how I do it, but I manage it every time…lol. Have a good one folks.

Gyotaku Restaurant – Pearl City, HI

Another visit to Gyotaku! I got bad service again this time so this isn’t going to be a pleasant post. We were stuffed into the corner so we were forgotten quite a bit – I felt like we were a hassle to the waiter or something. And guess what?? Their kids meals have raised so much in price! I swear it used to be about $6.99 for a kid’s meal which was a great deal. They raised it to over $8 and still serve exactly the same thing. I was not pleased but I was already there. Anyhow, I’ll just share a few pictures of my food and dessert.

140516-01I enjoy their Soba and Tempura set. Delicious.

140516-02Maki Sushi and Cone Sushi

140516-03Tempura – looks a bit shriveled and not appetizing huh? Nothing special.

140516-04I love myself some grated daikon and green onions. I need to learn how to make a good soba tsuru.

140516-05Zenzai – pretty good. It’s not thick, more soupy. A bit too sweet this time.

140516-06Nice warm dessert for a cold dining room!

Gyotaku Japanese Restaurant – Honolulu, HI

Gyotaku is a great Japanese restaurant. I know it’s not one of the trendy fancy smancy restaurants, I think locals equate this restaurant with big family dinners or a place for older diners. While this restaurant is definitely great for those groups, I think it’s a great place to dine for anyone! Anytime I feel like having a delicious no frills Japanese meal, you will find me here. They have three locations but I prefer the location on King Street, I’ve had on and off experiences at the other two locations.

140122-04Poke Don – one of my favorite dishes!  Continue reading

I-naba – Honolulu, Hawaii

I-naba is a small little gem tucked away on South King Street.  I’ve long been a fan of soba so it was only destiny that led me to this restaurant.  We came here a bit close to their closing time but was able to get seated anyway.  Even though we thought we were a little late, there was still a small stream of customers that came in after us!


I enjoy nice menus…come on in…

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