The 220 Grille Restaurant – Diamond Head, HI

Kapiolani Community College has a wonderful culinary arts program and I am sorry that I never got to try their dine in restaurant when they had it pre-covid! I don’t know if they plan to bring dine-in service back but was happy to hear that they offer take-out! They open their restaurant during the modules of their program so you should follow their website for the most up to date dates and menu. By the time you see this post, they will be finishing up their current module and probably won’t start up until April. Find their menu here. And you know what else is great? They have an online ordering system – so easy to order and pay to pick-up! All the dish prices include tax already and no tipping system online. But if you are so inclined, they have a tip box when you pick-up for cash tips that will help the students!

Another plus? Free parking in front of the building for restaurant customers! No can lose!

Old School Teri Burger | $10.00
old school teri burger made with locally sourced grass fed beef with sauteed onions and mayo served with fries garnished with local lettuce, tomato and house made pickles

I shared this with my coworker, bugga was ono! And 10 bucks?? What a steal! Nice handmade patty with a nice sized bun. It was one full size burger, everything was great! I don’t remember getting house made pickles but that’s okay, was good!!!

Mediterranean Salad | $10.00
mediterranean salad with mari’s garden greens, grape tomatoes, pickles veggies, braised beets, olives, cucumbers, chickpeas, red bell peppers and a creamy feta dressing

This was the salad I ordered in hopes of being healthy and to balance out the burger. The salad was okay. I mean, it’s a salad. It’s exactly as pictured and described, was great for fiber and tasted good but it’s a salad. LOL

Kauai Style Fried Ginger Chicken Plate | $12.00
kauai style fried chicken with steamed rice and old school spaghetti salad

My coworker got super excited for the kauai style chicken! She let me sample a piece and it was ono! They used fresh ginger in the breading so the chicken had a great ginger zing to it. It is served with two drum sticks which is a bit different from how it’s served usually, which is more like karaage style. I don’t know, I like drum sticks so I wouldn’t have minded. The spaghetti salad has eggs and onions…and the noodles are left long.

Shoyu Pork | $12.00

Warm Pineapple Peach Cobbler with Fresh Whipped Cream | $4.00

A lot of these dishes weren’t mine so I can’t make too much commentary. I would say what I did have was good and I would definitely return!! I hope you try them too!

4 responses to “The 220 Grille Restaurant – Diamond Head, HI

  1. Oooooh! SO GOOD TO KNOW!

    Too late to order for today and I am too busy tomorrow but will definitely check it out next week. Thanks for letting us know about this winnah!

  2. kat

    looks ono! and reasonable

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