Mixed Plate Friday

Crab Curry | $24.95
French Bread | $3.00

Bac Nam has great crab curry. That is clear. The restaurant is very popular. That is clear. The crab curry is freaking $25 and comes with no rice or bread…so we had to pay $3.00 for one french bread. No ma’am. But was it good? Oh yes. The nicely toasted crunchy bread with the crab curry was delightful. We had leftover curry so I went to Bale the next day and paid $4.00 for 3 FRENCH BREADS which we toasted up to eat with the leftovers. So good. Next time just sneak in your own french bread like you from France (lol).

Fried Saimin Bento | $11.39
fried saimin, 2 pieces garlic chicken, egg omelet, 3 pieces portuguese sausage & rice with furikake

Mitsu-Ken Okazu and Catering reminds me of childhood days. Remember their old location? How popular they were even with zero parking? Well their current location get choke parking so no worry but for me, they are located completely out of the way. Also, they pack a lot of MSG into their food. Tastes ono but if you’re not good with MSG, avoid!

Roast Duck & Chicken Rice Plate | $13.50

Remember Mini Garden Express in Ranch 99? They re-opened by the Airport and they have online ordering for pick-up! Here is the website for the online ordering site. They are still located Salt Lake side so I can go grab food when I go out to Target. This is one of my favorite dishes, love it! It’s actually served over a simple fried rice, I love roast duck and chinese style shoyu chicken so it’s a winner. Give them a try if you’re in the area! I highly recommend ordering ahead, we had to wait quite a while.

13 responses to “Mixed Plate Friday

  1. jalna

    When I was working I had a coworker who is Vietnamese, and his favorite take-out was from Bac Nam.

  2. kat

    everything sounded ono

  3. I gotta hunt down Mini Garden Express!

    We just ate at Bac Nam. Everything was so ono. And just as we were leaving a couple was getting served their crab curry – something we have to have next time, for sure!

    • Jenny

      Oh yeah! Go find it Aunty! Won’t be hard to locate. 🙂 What do you usually get at Bac Nam??

      • Their spring roll with bbq pork vermicelli is ono. My friend insisted on ordering the young lotus root salad with pork (meh – but it was different) and we tried their lemon beef salad to compare it to Super Pho’s one (it was good but Super Pho’s one is more expensive for smaller portion but really really good).
        BBQ pounded shrimp roll ups on plate was good – but you gotta roll your own with the rice paper.
        Their pho is good.
        The best thing about that place is the owner – who is super nice. And this last time we ate kinda healthy – which I need to do more often.

  4. I went to Mini Garden Express yesterday and ordered the chicken and duck on fried rice. Came out fast and other people were still waiting for their food. I was a little bit disappointed because didn’t have that much duck or chicken but plenty rice – and wasn’t hot – more like room temperature warm. Maybe because I told them take out but I sat down to eat some before I hit the road.

    I do want to go back and try their beef brisket on stewed noodles. One of the customers was raving about their minute chicken – so maybe that too. I got a mini lecture when I asked if they have Lo Mein and they said that only the mainland calls it that and there is no Lo Mein in Hawaii but got crispy, fried or stewed noodles.

    In any case, I shall return because the food was ono!

    • Jenny

      Oh no! What a bummer! The times I have ordered it, I felt like they gave good amount of meat! I hope it was just an off day. LOL, how’s that lecture! Too funny! I hope you get to go back and let me know how it goes!!

      • And I went back again yesterday after I dropped family off at the airport. I got their minute chicken on soft noodles. Was really ono – their minute chicken doesn’t have bones which makes it easier to eat.
        And the lady who lectured me on Lo Mein remembered me and recommended soft noodles instead of friend – she said it is more like Lo Mein, lol. Had so much noodles I had it for lunch and dinner.

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