Tonkatsu Yachiyo – Tsukiji, Japan

So we visited Tsukiji and guess what we had for lunch?! You guessed it!  ….char siu and tonkatsu! Forreals. So if you want to try the place I tried, look for the sushi shop with the super long line and go into the doors to the left of it. LOL! I seriously actually did do some research before heading to Japan and had a brilliant resource. If you haven’t been, go to Tokyo Cuisine Guide! This blog is in English and he put in so much great details for each restaurant! Having his blog is much more useful than any published guide book. Unfortunately life has gotten quite busy for him as of late so he hasn’t updated recently but I still feel like all the stuff on his blog is still very useful!

You know how I found this blog? So I’m totally obsessed with the show Soko Ga Shiritai even though it’s over 20 years old…and I just LOVE it when they do their food specials. Well on one of their 1000 yen shows, they showcased Kitchen Carrot. This cute restaurant run by a cute little couple had these bambucha sizzling steak plates and I always drooled when I saw the clips. So I did a google search on Kitchen Carrot and got onto this blog and what a find! For the Kitchen Carrot post, go here. Great to see that they still exist and that the food they serve is still the same! Anyway, sorry for the babbling. Here’s the restaurant we went to! They didn’t know a single word of English. It was an interesting meal…lol.


140126-02Trying to navigate our way through the shops! (Hi Linda!)

140126-03My char siu meal. Awesomely cooked eggs and char siu…I do not regret going here!

140126-04Mandatory gratuitous egg shot!

140126-05Look at the giant ebi fry. This was Linda’s and she loved it! Was ono.

140126-06This is the picture we pointed at to order because we are not fluent in Japanese…lol

Original Tonkatsu Yachiyo post from Tokyo Cuisine Guide:

2 responses to “Tonkatsu Yachiyo – Tsukiji, Japan

  1. Anon

    So fun! I remember that,old soko show too…not so much for the food but I felt so sorry for the wife who looked so tired, remember how she said she just wanted to sleep if she had a vacay…am guessing they were in their forties that long ago…did you go there and find out if it was the same couple?

    I still recall her having to walk up those,steps from the basement carrying the cut meat!

    Btw those eggs really look awesome….

  2. jenny

    omigosh anon! I’m so glad i know a fellow soko ga shiritai fan. And yes! I totally remember every part of that segment. After working all day long, they both worked hard into the night to prep for the next day. She looked sooo tired but had such a calm and cheerful voice! I really admired the husband’s passion though.

    I did not get to go! It is situated in a residential area and I don’t know if I would have been able to find it! The blog post I put up includes a clip at the restaurant and it sounded like her voice in the background…lol. Yes, the eggs we get here in the US are so poor compared to Japan!

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